Dear Bullies...

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Butterfly, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Butterfly

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    Why did you bully me? Most of you were my friends that turned the tides against me?

    SR, SB, RE why when I left that school to move up north did you start spreading malicious rumours about me? Why did you post on social networking sites that I was raped? When I came back to visit FH, SS and MG why did you and others get 40 people to run after to us to come and beat me up? Why did you try and mentally torture me? Why did you try saying sorry? You're still the same old thick disgusting bitches you always were.

    To all the boys at DHS, you really tested my patience. I know I gave as good as I got but you slowly destroyed my self confidence. All the constant calling me a fat bitch, or white trash or spreading incorrect rumours I'd sucked you all off knowing you'd get a reaction from me. Everytime I lashed out it was me who got in trouble. I'll never forget JM when you pushed me to the limits in that Geography lesson and I grabbed you by the throat and you were gasping for breath. You are so lucky that something in my mind told me you weren't worth it otherwise I'd be doing time for murder right now. I still got in trouble for all the nasty shit and racist remarks from you. The amount of times I was in inclusive learning or on report and even suspended because of all you put me through.

    To the bitches at MW you really are sad little c*nts now aren't you? Constatnly harassing me, belitting me, making me feel small and even rolling up the sleeves on my jumping to show everyone I cut myself, look at you all now. Jobless, single unemployed mothers with babys etc. I bet you wish you had my brains and uniqueness now I'm about to qualify as a nurse!!!!

    HP. You are the lowest of the low. Turning all my friends against me. The constant bitching and slagging me off. You know what I can take that. But what has destroyed me is the fact you told everyone about my miscarriage. That destroyed me. You spiteful, fat cow. I am so glad you have failed in everything you do. You deserve it. I laugh in your face at what a loser you have become. You tell everyone how much sex you're having but we all know that no one would touch you with a bargepole.

    SA. You constantly worm your way back into my life. I'll never forget when you told everyone about my overdose and tried to get people to beat me up. I'll never forget falling out with me in sixth form for no reason then singling me out and making my life hell. The reason I flunked and dropped out is because of you. Yet you are still in my life. Why do I let you??? What will you do next???

    And to myself. I am the biggest bully of all. I torture myself with all my negative thoughts. I deserve the biggest punishment because of all the things I have done to myself. I make myself feel worthless, hopeless, ugly, fat, unwanted etc. I am the biggest bully, and it's because I let you all bully me. I hope none of you become shells of your former self. You killed a part of me. You are murderers. I hope you are proud!
  2. Underground

    Underground Well-Known Member

    Are you okay? You feeling a little bit better after that?
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    It's hard to say. Being bullied has had a really bad long term effect on me. I have no self confidence and I am quite bitter about it still after nearly 7 years. It helped at the time though and it does help to get my feelings out :)
  4. Why Am I Here

    Why Am I Here Well-Known Member

    People can be assholes. We've all dealt with people who are attention *****s and the only thing that has meaning in their lives is to try and make others look bad. Their pathetic and are meaningless beings. Fuck em'
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