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Dear Cousin, I actually hate you.

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I use to look up to you. Thought you were cool, successful, funny, hardworking. But as we got older you started making fun of my looks and intelligence in front of your friends, my friends, our family. Eight years after, and you still do. A large part of my depression is caused by you. On top of depression, I had to deal with 8 years of insults and putting up with your stupid jokes. You might be a pretty boy to most people. But you are ugly to me. You know whats more ugly? Your Ego. Your Ego is uglier than the way you look, you attention-seeking w****. You make fun of me to boost your own Ego because you lacked confidence. Self-esteem issues. You don't care about others but yourself. You put me down to glorify your own self-image. All you think about, is yourself. But you know you're ugly because you're an attention-seeking w****, you fixed your eye-sight with lasik surgery, you fixed your teeth with braces, you have skin issues, and your ex-girfriend left you for another man. She probably left you because you're needy, insecure, uglier than her new man. When opportunity arises, you gloat about how you often 'treat' me to lunch to your friends, my friends, our family. You wanted praise from everyone, you wanted to be the one that people look up to, you wanted to be that good family member that everyone else should follow. Everyone else may be oblivious to your conceitedness because they believe it and I don't deny that its true that you often treat me to lunch. But it wasn't because you thought I was poor, your family, your friend, it wasn't because you were generous. You'd like to think that you are generous. You do it for yourself. You wanted everyone's approval and make me feel like a nobody at the same time, and all the while making fun of my looks and intelligence. I don't look handsome like you, I can't retaliate and make fun of your looks because there is nothing to make fun of, and it doesn't matter what I say because the insults directed at me overshadows every insults directed at you. You easily get your way with people with charm, because I guess your success makes you credible. But I see through your cosmetic exterior and all I see, a rotten filth, a repugnant person.

I don't know why I still keep in touch with you. I guess its because I pity you.
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Don't waste your energy on people like that.
They don't deserve your attention. Not even for free food.
Good company is better than that. I hope he realises
In the future what he's lost out on in life by being such a jerk.


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I read this and automatically thought about me. I worry so much about what my cousins think about me. I've said mean things about one of them. I'm so sorry for saying mean things about her. Then I remembered I don't have lasik or braces. :(

I'm so sorry your cousin says mean things about you.
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