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Dear Daddie

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Daddie Dearest:

I'm sorry I can't be a perfect daughter. I really am. You have no idea how hard I try to please you...You have no idea how much it hurts when you yell.

I'm sorry I'm such a bitch.

I'm sorry I can't to anything right.

I'm sorry I'm so selfish.

I'm sorry I'm so lazy.

I'm sorry I have a bad temper...But can't you accept me the way I am? Don't you notice I try not to be such a screw up?

You only see the negative in me...Can't you notice anything positive? Because I'm starting to think there is none any more...

I'm sorry momsy died...I really am. I know most of it is my fault, and that you blame me for everything. I know she was your wife, and that you loved her, but she was my mom too! I miss her as much as you do! Maybe even more!

I try to do everything around the house...Try to make it so that it's not obvious she's not there. I do all your laundry, keep everything clean for you.

I still have to keep up my grades in school...you see. You don't seem to notice that. I know I say it's easy, and it is, but that doesn't mean I don't have homework and other school related things that take up my time!

I have my own schedule, and you do your best to rip it apart.

You yell at me because I don't go to bed early enough for you...But, if I did, I wouldn't get anything done. Anyway, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep if I did go to bed.

I know you have no trouble sleeping, but it doesn't mean that everybody is the same as you!

I'm sorry I'm such a screwup...but can't you just accept me the way I am? What more do I have to do to make you love me?!


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Now print that out and give it to him Eva. He's your father, it's time for him to understand. If he keeps treating you the same way, well then it's time for you to go somewhere else. Don't run away of course, move in with a relative that will take you in. You need to do this to save your life. You deserve better.


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Yeah...perfect plan. Except that I don't have any relatives I'm not fighting with right now!

God f***ing damn everything!

I can't do anything right anymore!
U think u should show ur dad this letter (or something similar).....its a good way to do it because he cant interupt u, and if he wants to write bac he can do it in his own time. That way he would have a moment to calm down and write how he really feels.
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