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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by freakin out, May 27, 2007.

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  1. freakin out

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    Basically I stole this from another forum, write about your day - diary style!

    Dear diary,
    Today I went to Cambridge. It rained all day, it's windy and miserable. It was real nice there - my 4th time there - but the weather ruined it. It was good to be away though. I also finally got satisfaction with my phone company and received a refund :D Not too bad of a day.

    Love N..

    Your go!
  2. Lady E

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    I did this before and the system restore thing after the hack made my post go away: so here it goes again!

    Dear diary,
    So it's 5 am and I've been up 20 hours, because I had a full day at the fabric shop and then a wedding.
    So I woke up at about 8 am to realize my roomate was using the only shower in the house (i have a 1/2 bath connected to my room) and i waited and waited until it was 8:30 and I had to be at work by 9 so I washed up in the sink and got dressed (great way to start a day, huh? :dry: )
    I left for work kinda late so I didn't have time to stop for a coffee or anything I got there at 15 minutes of 9 only to realize my manager wasn't there yet and I could have stopped for a coffee. So I sat and listened to Public radio and this program called the "puzzle master" until my manager finally arrived which was like 10 of.
    So we go inside and I sweep and vacuum then we run to the bank. The day went surprisingly fast as compared to Saturday where I got out 3 hours early.
    It went by fast mostly because I was at the cutting counter most of the day and I was answering rather inane questions, and figuring out people's yardage.
    I also am getting better at doing special orders which is something I had earnestly struggled with since I began working there. So I felt rather "triumphant".
    Right before I was about to clock out some lady wanted me to help her find a fabric. She had her receipt (from a year ago :rolleyes: ) and on it it said "unblched dyers clth" which is code for an unbleached muslin that we carry and she wouldnt listen as I showed her the fabric. "Is this dyers cloth? what's dyers cloth?" I had to repeat myself 25 times and I was trying to stay patient because she was old.
    It was then past time for me to go because I had a wedding scheduled and we had to do our soundcheck by 3:45 and It was 3:05 and I hadn't even ran home to shower change, and get dressed. So my manager kindly stepped in as I franticly signaled my watch above the little old lady's head as she asked me for the 25th time "This doesn't look unbleached, is this dyer's cloth"
    I hightailed it out of there and I broke every speeding law to get home only to find my other roomate in the shower. :eek:hmy: So I then I washed my hair in the sink in a panicked frenzy, I put on my dress, and did my make up in record time as I ran out the door without any shoes on :blink! Thankfully left my dress heels in the trunk of the car . I raced to the reception hall two towns over and got there at 3:48. Just enough time for a sound check and warm ups. The reception started at 5:00
    It was pretty normal (thank god) and everyone was easygoing and enjoyed our sets. The mother of the groom had arranged to sing a nice song for the newlyweds and it was hilarious because by the time it came around she had a few drinks in her and she "was feeling no pain" to put it lightly. It was definitely very cute.
    We then started taking requests off our "catalog" of songs we do. We keep a list of all the songs we performa and people can choose and request so it makes it a lot easier.
    The night ended pretty easily, we got a really nice tip and by the time I got home it was 11 o clock, I pretty much collapsed in front of the computer.
    I have to mail out my thing from ebay today or at least ask my roomate to pick me up a giant manilla envelope thing.

    anyway LOTS OF LOVE,
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