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Dear Doug

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by breaking, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. breaking

    breaking Active Member

    Dear Doug
    Please tell me why, please tell me why you hurt me so badly, why you treated me like trash and treated me like a side show in a circus. How could you ask me to change my life for you and then run, but not let go of me. How is it that you could hurt me like that and then act like YOU were some hero in my life. YOu begged me to stay, you said you had feelings for me and you didn't want me to go and then you moved in with that fat assed liar and then came to me again saying you wanted me closer and then married that bitch out of nowhere. You didn't even tell me you were engaged when you were trying to get closer again. YOu didn't even tell me you had gotten married, but you call me one of your best friends.

    Do you realize how my damage you did to me? Do you even care? Your life is going along great with cars and money and someoneto lay down with and my life has gotten worse. I love nearly everything I had worked for because of you- everything I tried to regain after someone else treated my life like a convenience. FUCK YOU. SOmetimes, I think if someone could hurt your daughter's feelings like you hurt mine you would see what you did. What can I take from you that would make you feel that pain that I do!! WHat can I damage your life with. It probably wouldn't work anyway. You have no emotion, no remorse. I want fucking out of this life. You were the straw that broke the camel's back. You knew how much crap I have been through and yet you still inflicted pain - un-cope-able pain!!
  2. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    As much pain as you're in, I'm glad you came here for support and encouragement.

    It seems that an abuser will find a gentle, sweet person to take advantage of. Seduce them, hurt them, use them, throw them to the curb, then apologize and repeat the whole thing again. Eventually the victim incorporates that pattern into their life and don't expect any better. It becomes their way of life. Their self esteem drops and they start to believe they're getting all they're worth.

    I hope you see that you deserve good things in your life, one loser's actions do not define who you really are. Keep posting, there are many good aspects of your life you can focus on.

    Good luck (((hugs)))
  3. breaking

    breaking Active Member

    Thank you lefty , but I really think this time, it's just to much to bear. It hurts every freaking day , the next day is just as unbearable as the next. I try just to get to the next 24 hours, the next day, the next nano second .. but it's getting harder and harder to to this. I can't believe someone would hurt me like that .. I lost nearly everything to get away from him .. I left with LESS than what I had when I met him. LESS!!!

    It's not fair. It's so NOT FAIR!!