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  1. William!

    William! Guest

    Dear Forum,

    I am very grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to meet many excellent human beings, especially your creator. He is an extremely wonderful individual, and it was a great pleasure to have the ability to befriend him. If it were not for you, I would not have had many outstanding friendships with many of the people who are and who were members. I could take the time to express my gratitude towards each individual who had made a tremendous impact on my life, but, I am not going to do that, for the reason that, it is superfluous. I am also not going to do that, because, the members who had made an enormous impact on my life, know who they are.

    I will apologize for being an obnoxious person; I will never have the ability to undo the past, but, I can change the future. I am deeply sorry for causing harm to many of your members. I appreciate them, because regardless of my behavior towards them, they were always respectful and benevolent towards me. They were also very forgiving to me, even though, I know that I did not deserve it. I do not understand why I was disrespectful to them. Perhaps, I just wanted to obtain attention from them. The affection that they have bestowed upon me was intense; I did not deserve affection from any of them. I comprehended why they were displaying great amounts of affection towards me -- they cared about me. That is the only logical explanation for what they have done.

    I will also apologize for making derogatory, hateful, vulgar, or offensive statements to many of the members. I am truly sorry for utilizing pejorative and objectionable terms to your members; I did not actually want to deliberately cause them to become angry, upset, or more depressed. I was at a time in my life, when I was very angry, and I would be negative towards most people who were in my life at that particular period of time. I apologize for applying obscenities towards many of your members. My intention was never to cause agony to them in a severe fashion. My purpose was to influence them to become angry or upset with me in such a manner, that they would possess enmity towards me. I desire for that to occur, so that, I can easily abandon them, without having any feelings and/or emotions of guilt. Fortunately, that did not happen as I had planned.

    I apologize for not being as helpful as I wanted to be. I have attempted to assist the members, but, I have failed numerous times. I have been successful several times, but I am not impressed with myself for helping the members a few times; in my humble opinion, it is not much of an accomplishment. I am not definite, whether I have committed more benevolent or malevolent actions on your forum. I am quite certain that many of my actions have caused great pain in relation to many of the members, especially those who were very intimate companions with regard to me. I regret for creating those threads and replies that have had a large amount of profanity included; I am truly sorry for those despicable threads and replies of mine. I know that I had hurt a considerable number of members by threatening to resign my position as an active member on the forum, an enormous number of times.

    I will apologize for being discourteous in your chat room. I should have never insulted any of the members and those who were not members your chat room. I have done that to gain attention, and I was very successful with receiving attention. I was also endeavoring to influence the members who were very close to me, to dislike me intensely. I had obviously failed, because, their admiration of me was so great, that, even, when I was employing inordinate profane language, they would continue to support me. No matter what I have said to them, they would continue to care about me. I am ashamed of myself for being, to a great degree, rude, concerning the members. I apologize for not being a more forgiving, compassionate, sensitive, generous, helpful, gentle, loving, caring, honest, understanding, loyal, persistent, tolerant, open-minded, and patient friend towards many of the members. I hardly attempt to inquire them constantly regarding their lives, and their mental or psychological conditions.

    I promise to you that if I ever decide to make another friend on you, or anywhere else in my life, I will strive my best to become an amazing friend. I will not make the same mistakes that I have made in connection to my past friendships. I will try my best to be a wonderful intimate. Most importantly, I have to express my gratitude in direction to you, for, allowing your members, especially Robin, to assist me in overcoming my depression and my suicidal state. It if were not for you, I would still be in a state of clinical depression, and have suicidal ideations. I appreciate you for giving me the chance to meet some wonderful people on here, such as Deborah, Sarah, Tracie, Steve, Paul, Mal, Cindy, Alex, Jodi, Laura, Cadie, Elizabeth, Liam, Hazel, Mia, Sarah, Kimberly, Michael, Christina, Sarah, Rick, Josh, Danii, and many others, whom I am not going to name, because there are too many. If they want to know, they can read my previous threads, under the registered screen name, "William." I have stated that, because I have already express my approval to them, in some of the threads that I have formed on you.

    My former friends probably thought that I have forgotten about them, but, that will never happen, unless, I am affected with some form of severe amnesia. That is the only manner in which I will most likely forget about all of them. I will also notify to you that they do not realize how much of an influence that they have had on my life. I cannot forget about them, because, I think about them every day. I have a very good memory, and I do not forget about people who were in my life in an easy manner. It is possible that none or a few of them will be reading this, since, the vast majority of my former friends do not participate in the forum any longer. The forum has transformed, and there are many new members whom I do not know at all. Consequently, it is highly likely that the new members will read this and a few of them will reply, or none will reply. I will always care about them, and I want to be sure that they know that. They do not know how much affection I have for them; I desire to be friends with them once more, but, that is their choice, not mine; it has to be mutual. My companionship with them would be different this time.

    I am not the same person who I was years ago. I am more compassionate, loving, caring, benign, selfless, sensitive, forgiving, and remarkably honest. I do not use vulgar language anymore, and I know how to control my emotions and/or feelings; I am a good-tempered human being. The next statements are to your founder. Robin, I know you might not read this, but, in case you do, I want to direct my attention towards you now. I have noticed that you call yourself an immoral person. I do not think you are immoral, and I am rather certain that many people would agree with me. I am going to continue to state that to you, in order that, it would remain permanently in your mind. You have helped many people, including me, and if it were not for you, I would possibly still be suicidal and suffering from medical depression. I would like to thank you for helping me, and permitting me to remain a member on your forum for approximately four years; ever since the first week of September in the year two thousand and four. You mean so much to many of the members, and do not ever forget that. I am going to keep saying that to you, so, you can never forget about it; I do not mind.

    You said to me that you wanted to help a person, and that if you have aided just one person, you would be satisfied. You gave assistance to more than one person, and you should be proud of yourself for doing that. I would like to thank you for caring and supporting me; never abandoning me, and remain caring about me, when I was angry or upset with you. I would like to thank you for giving me many chances and for not really judging me in a harsh manner. You were there for me, and you tried to response to my electronic mail messages, even, when you were very busy with your life. I would like to congratulate you for creating the forum, and keeping it active for a considerable period of time. I would like to thank you for allowing me in the chat room to make friends with some of the most caring and nice people in the world.

    Not many people in my personal life were as nice to me as the people whom I met on your forum. There are many reasons I will never lose memory of you. You are one of the most influential people in my life, and you have left a permanent mark in my mind. You have helped me, and without your ever being in my life, I would either be in a psychological institution, in a correctional facility, or I would be deprived of life. I want to most importantly thank you for helping me directly and indirectly for eliminating my suicidal ideations and my depression. I can finally say that after almost ten years of suffering from depression, that, it is currently terminated, because of your members, your forum, and, especially, because of you.

    With Kind Regards,
    Sincerely Yours,
    Big William.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    How brave and how sweet...big hugs, J
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    William thank you for sharing that with me/us. It makes me happy to see that this forum has helped another soul. You're right there are so many good people here and I'm proud of you for not giving up and accepting their help when you needed. I hope you stay well and things only keep getting better for you. But you know you always have a place here if even just to chat.
  4. Hazel

    Hazel SF & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    William, what a coincidence! I asked Robin just last week if he had heard from you. :smile: It's good to hear you are doing well and I hope that continues.

    Take care Hazel
  5. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    It is good to hear these things from you William. I am glad you are doing better and see things in a different light. I hope things continue to improve in the coming years. Take care. :hug:
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