Dear Kotex: A social commentary?

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    I don't care how cute you are. I don't care that your marketing has changed, and your covering is colorful. I don't care that you claim to be different and unique just because your paper looks different. I don't care that you use a single letter for your brand to market it as being personally for me, by calling it *U*. I don't care. I just want your products to work.

    And that's why I choose Always. They're more absorbent, cleaner, and they fit better. They don't need to make fun of other menstruation products' commercials to make teenagers want to buy something that is hip, yet low-quality, in order to sell. They just make a better, more efficient product, overall.

    I don't need your obnoxious "racially ambiguous" girl strutting in white pants telling me how much she perceives herself as worthy of mass hatred and envy because she wears your brand. Yeah. I appreciate quality over empty "in-your-face" advertising, and painting pretty pictures on a package filled with inadequate content. Thanks, but no thanks.

    A Loyal Always Customer, Having Been Dissatisfied With Kotex
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    :unsure: :smile:
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    Best thread on SF!
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    Always has always been better in all ways.

    Their catch phrase is better too!
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    I also hear that Monistat 7 vaginal cream is the best solution for yeast infections! :)