Dear Me (IGNORE!)

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  1. Zueri

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    Dear me,

    You fucking idiot. Stop crying. It was your choice to down the six beers. Stop craving for a seventh one. Now either STFU or kill yourself. No other option.

    You have no right to live. None at all. You should be dead and buried six feet under. It's not like anybody would even miss you anyways.

    Get the fuck to school. Get the fuck to work. Stop lying around and drowning in self pity. Haven't you learned it gets you no where?!

    Your life sucks. It's your fucking fault. Nobody elses. So stop blaming other people. They don't deserve any of the blame. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD, you miserable bitch.

    Now, just find the damn gun and shoot yourself. Drink the bleach. DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!

    It's your fault she's dead. You know it. You should have stopped her. But no, you were sleeping. Testament to your laziness. You'd rather sleep than save a life.

    It's your fault HE died. Yes, you know it is. You were to harsh on him that night. You should have been supportive, but no. You weren't, you miserable traitor.

    Bottomline: You deserve everything coming your way. It's all your fault; from her death, to his hatred, to the damn eviction.
    Kill yourself already. Make it stick this time.
  2. It's not your fault :hug:
  3. Robin

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    Is that why you don't sleep now, to prove to yourself that it is an option and not a neccessity, forcing yourself to suffer for what you perceive as a failure on your part to save your mother and to prove to yourself that you could of saved her if you was stronger? Do you feel strong now?

    The truth is that you are not to blame and that nothing that is going on now is your fault, it's time to stop punishing yourself for things you have no control over.

    I know that your father needs support right now and although it's unfair for someone so young to support their single parent you need to be strong in other areas other than those than would suit to punish yourself.
  4. ~CazzaAngel~

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    I agree with Robin and Kurt... it's not your fault, I wish you'd stop punishing yourself, although I know how hard it is to deal with things and feeling the way we do about ourselves.. I still punish myself too, but I'm trying to fight, hang in there Hun, you can make it, and please try and remind yourself that it's not your fault even if you feel it and know we care for you and are here for you anytime at all. You have my MSN, use anytime, I enjoy talking with you, you're a sweetie you have just been put in the middle of tragedy. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    Syiah hon. :hug: