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Dear Milqman:

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You sound like a very well-rounded person/NOT. :dry:

How did you end up at this forum? Is your life so boring and empty you have to spend your time looking for people you feel you can "triumph" over by acting like you know anything about anything? Play video games. Now that's intelligent and ambitious as hell. Why didn't I think of that? :huh:

I feel sorrier for you than the people who at least ADMIT they have some serious problems. You are still in the denial stage. :wink:


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Just to let you know that the thread Milqman wrote has now been deleted.. and they have been banned.

I did originally delete this thread (before i took a look at his post), but then decided to reopen it. Although I hope you don't mind that I moved the thread to Let it All Out.

Trolls really do annoy me.. and what you say is right in my eyes. At least we are able to admit we have issues.. these trolls claim to be all high and mighty, yet they spend their days searching for forums they can attack. I do wonder who needs the most help!?

Anyway, here's hoping they do eventually one day leave us the hell alone.. and hooray for staff who are always on top of deleting and banning these idiot trolls and keeping the forum safe for members

Not open for further replies.

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