Dear mother

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    I hate to say this. You are my mother. You gave birth to me. Yet you seem to be one of the biggest shadows in my life. How can I be happy with you around? you put so much stress in me. I am expected to act like an adult while you act like a child. You call Me irresponsible and selfish yet you lay in bed and drink your feelings away. You put pressure on me to spend my money on you even though you know I am wOrking so many hours trying to pay for college. You say how proud you are of me to others and tell me how disappointed you are in me when we are alone....

    I may never be able to say this to your face... But truth is that you are one of the worst pats of my life. You let me be hurt when I was little and continue to hurt me now. You take advantage of my illness and insecurities to feed yours. I need to leave and never come back. I love my father but as lOng as you are able to poison ur relationship it isn't possible for either of you to stat in my life. This may be my goodbye. I'm sorry for Never being enough but we all know I've tried.

    I don't ask for forgiveness. I simply ask to be released from your cruel grips.
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    I hear you Thorn, and I am sorry that she has hurt you like this - is there any way you can live separately from such a toxic influence? Is your Dad at home too - can he help?