Dear mum

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by amylou, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. amylou

    amylou Well-Known Member

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  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Honey, I know what it's like when things are bad, so bad.

    Instead of doing it today, maybe do everything you can to get some support and help, or even just find some hope elsewhere away from that. The option for suicide remains still though.

    You could use the time to talk to your mum about how bad you feel and get her and anyone else to help you get help.

    If you kill yourself she will feel so guilty she didn't/couldn't help, she will be broken and miss you.

    Have you read the loved and lost forum? Maybe you should take a look.

    You know that she loves you and will miss you. Is it fair to put her through that? She will suffer for the rest of her life, yet what you are feeling is something that can change. Do you not owe it to her to fight as hard as you can?

    Why don't you come into chat and see if you can spend some time in there. Or feel free to PM me if you want.

    Keep fighting honey, if not for yourself, then for your mum
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  3. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    :( I hope your mom forgives you too. I wish there was something more that could be done. But we all come to the end of our rope one day.

    If you want someone to stop you I can't from where I am. But maybe if we talked. Just maybe we could reach an understanding and just maybe find some more rope.
  4. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Dear Amy I know you're in pain but please please don't do anything drastic please I beg you,you will get through this c'mon baby don't give up just yet.:sad:
  5. amylou

    amylou Well-Known Member

    I already have given up Ace. This wont be the first attempt and I hope that it'll be the last and final time I just cant go on any more I have had to much pain since the age of 5
  6. amylou

    amylou Well-Known Member

    I've tried my best scum only the people I have tried to seek help from they dont listen only judge me. Its as if they like to see me suffering or something I just want a means to an end now.
    And it would appear that suicide is the only way.
  7. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    If you read the PM that I sent you it will show you that there are a lot of places that you have not tried for help.

    There is help there, you just have to be willing to keep trying and fighting. Each thing you try brings you closer to finding something that will help.

    My PM box is still open if you want a chat.

    Hang in there
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