Dear My Special Someone

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    I honestly dont know if i am going to go to the forums any longer, just too frusterating lol. I know you wanted me to continue going but... I know you said your mom had cancer and believe me when i say i know what youre going through.. Remember i told you my dad had skin cancer? I was a mess and freaking out too. Life in general is hard, and i would say it only gets harder as you grow to realize how cold the world could really be. It sounds like youve experianced that more than once already though, as you seem to have more trust issues than i do. Not that thats a bad thing, like they say girls mature faster than boys lol :p Wouldnt it be great though to realize no matter how cold the world got you would always have two warm arms wrapped around you? Thats what i want you to have, from me :D I know youre a little cautious about being hurt, and have been backstabbed before probably by someone really close. And so have i, the one person i respected and trusted more than anyone else at one point just up and told me in a nutshell i was a horrible person and theyre no longer going to be my friend. I also know you get treated less than perfect <Mod Edit, WildCherry: insulting>. Im sorry for all of that, I understand your ADD, i understand your need to be alone, i understand all of it, and all of you. Ive thought about you every day since you went missing. No SF, Skype, MSN, it told me you had changed your email again. Not even sure if youll get around to reading this, but if you do would you please do me a favor and love yourself :) also add me on MSN lol Youre such an amazing person with so much to offer. Your friendship is amazing, youre smile is without a doubt something that would just melt troubles away, your eyes are amazing, and your soft tender lips i just wanna kiss. If you do read this, above all be happy :) Focus on you, and whatever makes you happy pursue it.. You can do anything you set your mind to, and esspecially someone as smart as you. Youre amazing, beautiful, and more importantly, youre in my heart always and forever..
    With love.. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    Your Guardian Angel
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    The castles we build to guard our heart right? You know who you are, love ya cupcake :love: