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Dear People.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by fluffypuppy, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. fluffypuppy

    fluffypuppy Guest

    lol, the image verication thing read "was2jz" like "was to Jay-Z"? :unsure: anyway.

    (Long, but bear with me, if you will.)

    Please don't make me bust out the clich├ęs here. :sad:

    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    I'm not trying to be naive. I know that pain and anger and frustration are far-reaching emotions (trust me; boy, do I know), but I also know that a great majority of it we bring on ourselves by simply hanging on to the negative emotion that is deteriorating us to the bone. Can't say I don't do the same, sometimes.

    Regardless. Understand that many of us are in the same boat here. I mean, come on. How many people in the real-world actually understand suicide? But many here do. Why be so adamantly against those that may be some of the only people that ever really understand where you're coming from when you say "I want to kill myself."? We are all struggling. Let's not make anyone else's life any less tolerable than it already is.

    For one, instead of ranting about how badly things are run here, be thankful that you haven't been banned from the site itself for causing others god-knows-what kind of frustration and just being outright rude.

    So someone did things that aren't to your liking? So you and someone didn't see eye-to-eye in some situation? Big deal. Shit happens; that's an obvious product of being a social animal.

    And that's what people are bound to do, disagree with you. You know what you do? You deal with it. And if it aggravates you enough, you move on.

    Perhaps you feel wronged, but continuing to ruminate over it is not undoing the wrong, and is putting you just as much in the wrong as you think the other person was.

    I'm sincerely sorry if you feel you've been slighted in your attendance of the forums/chat. Sometimes, in dealings with others, that happens. The mods make mistakes. They are (surprise, surprise!) capable of being people. It's happened several times before. They've been... people. I'm sure they try the best they can not to be partial, but they are people. Struggling people, no less! You can't expect that they always act in ways robots do. Many, in fact, feel just as terribly as you do. Please understand that. Humans, because we're humans, are naturally biased. I've seen it in action in more places than one and I know how irritating it can be. I genuinely empathize. But the thing is, going on about it will get you absolutely nowhere.

    Instead, co-exist peacefully with them or (if their existence is causing you so much hell) ignore that they exist at all.

    Honestly, is being obnoxious about it going to make you or anyone else feel any better? Is calling others negative names going to make you or anyone else feel better? Just separate yourself.

    I understand that sometimes the need to vent is dire. However, the need to vent should not be considered synonymous with the desire to be vengeful, disagreeable, and/or hurtful.

    If something's creating for you so much stress that you feel you need to relieve that stress upon those involved, you can EASILY abandon the situation. Otherwise, if you want to remain here (on SF, that is), abide by the rules and accept what you are given by those that help run the site.

    No website (or anything, in that case) can be an anarchy and still survive properly. The mods do an excellent job of acknowledging and considering opinions, but a line must be drawn somewhere. I'm sure all of you are intelligent enough to realize that. If you're capable of realizing the obscurity of existence, you're capable of realizing that a limit must exist somewhere else problems stir deeper.

    My apologies, but as has been said, if you don't like the way things are run, you aren't forced to put up with them.

    Either remove yourself from the likes of what you feel has wronged you, or relax and use the site for what it was intended: support.

    Please don't start useless altercations for the sake of starting them. That is not fair for any of the parties involved. If you are to present an opinion, present it logically and without insults. The insults only lessen the credibility of your argument anyway. Please do not argue or be offensive simply to get a rise. Do some of you not understand the line between appropriate and inappropriate? If the line is too vague for you to see in a given situation, I suggest you simply don't say the thing at all, or ask for a second opinion before you say it.

    Essentially, anywhere else, I'd say do what you want. I'd still say do what you want, just be prepared to be reacted against and potentially "evicted". Actions reap consequences. Isn't that one of the things you learn before the age of 3? And things don't always go your way. Isn't that one of the things you learn before the age of...1? Honestly, my friends.

    This... is a public website. You ought be at least fairly agreeable for the sake of, if nothing else, your dignity.

    We're just people. Why are we so hard on one another? Does it not make you miserable to make someone else miserable? Think whatever you wish, but you only spread the pain like year-old butter when you express such negativity. You don't have to be naive and think that life and associations should be all fluffy puppies and cotton candy; because it ain't gonna be. But you also don't have to help take the puppies and cotton candy away.

    This forum should be a place to allow you to feel less isolated and alone. Be grateful that it exists; otherwise, you may have, right now, been feeling that no one can understand the extent of your pain. And maybe you feel like that still. But don't ruin it for those that do feel like this forum has community to offer.

    I understand that many of you are hurting, and I'm so sorry for that. I also understand that many of you're simply venting how you feel. But sometimes venting can be counterproductive, and I believe, from many of the posts I've seen the last few days, this is one of those times. Unless you've found a way to gain something through this forum that's bettering you, I suggest you separate yourself from the pain-source.

    I hope all of your personal issues subside and you feel better someday. For now, no need to aggravate the hardships.

    Be a fluffy puppy and I'll buy you some cotton candy.

    :wub: all of you.
  2. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    I :wub: you fluffypuppy. And I agree. 100%
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