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dear survivors

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i came across this online, and it filled me with such tenderness, i wanted to share it with all of you...

"Gently, with gracious and deep respect. Patiently, for time stands still for the shattered, and the momentum of healing will be slow at first. With the tender strength that comes from an openness to your own deepest wounding, and to your own deepest healing. Firmly, never wavering in the utmost conviction that evil is powerful, but there is a good that is more powerful still. Stay connected to that Goodness with all your being, however it manifests itself to you. Acquaint yourself with the shadows that lie deep within you. And then, open yourself, all that is you, to the Light. Give freely. Take in abundantly. Find your safety, your refuge, and then go there as you need. Hear what you can, and be honest about the rest: be honest at all costs. Words won’t always come; sometimes there are not words in the face of such tragic evil. But in your willingness to be with them, they will hear you, from soul to soul they will hear that for which there are no words.

When you can, in your time, turn and face that deep chasm within. Let go. Grieve, rage, shed tears, share tears. Find those you trust and let them be with you. Know laughter, the healing power of humor. Trust yourself. Trust the process. Embrace your world, this world that holds you safely now. Let you be loved. Let you love. The shattered soul will heal."
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