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Dear Tony,

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So you're living just fine without me. Just fine. My love, my lips on your lips, my hand on your body doesn't matter. My heart turned cold. Wanting you. Was I ever anything to you? Babe, are you there? Are you listening? I am so dumb. Of course you don't. Why would you? You never did, why start now? You will never love me. Never touch me. I can't sleep. I don't want to. Not without you. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you so evil? Why can't u love me?


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my love you can hear me ,why dont you care ? i gave you the world as you ment to me. i feel empty without you ,yet you make me feel empty that you dont care. all i want is a hug, the feeling of being wanted by someone i care so much about. can you not love me for me? i feel like life cant go on without you. my love deserves to be loved back . i care too much not to have someone make me smile each day. wait ,,,,this is simple ..........each day i waste thinking you will love me back is one less day i can find the person out there that will truly care for me ...what i want is what everybody seeks and that is a caring giving heart , i have that and that makes me wanted.. i am sorry my old love but there are many peple that are looking for something special like me. i am sorry i will miss you my love but other people are looking for caring people like me.............

remember my friend a loving heart is something special that many dont have , you cant change people but you can chose the people you are with... dont think you can change people and drain the love you can give from users out ther.. there are to many people out there looking for the same thing you are and thats when simple things like holding hands going for walks or a hud or kiss for no reason just cause they love you will be special and make you smile for days.. it is out there dont waste time on trying to change a rivers direction cause it isnt worth the time when down streem of life there will be someone else you can meet....
good luck my friend, dont destroy your heart on someone that isnt worth it ... everyone deserves a chance and its worth it for you to try as life doesnt move ahead from walking away from it or others mistakes ,but if it is this hard and it is hurting you that bad move on and share your heart with others out there that are waiting for a good heart as well. good luck
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