Dear world. -Triggering-

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    -Not directed to anyone on this forum-

    Dear world,
    I want to thank you for all the help you gave me. For the strength you gave me. For the life you gave me. In return, I rejected your fucking help. I ignored the stupid strength and I want to take my own life.
    Thank you for Ricardo. Thank you for me. I'm cold and I'm sweating. I alive and I'm dead. You hear me? You heard me. I'm dead. Motherfuckin' DEAD! You killed me dammit! You killed me from the inside! You ripped my heart out! My trust! My love!
    I hate you. You can't even imagine how much. You aren't even worth spitting at. You aren't even worth walking over. Or by. I am you. You are me. You put a voice in my head. The voice that talks to me. Soothes me. Calmes me. Punishes me. Is mad at me. I HATE IT! I fucking HATE IT! Can't you ever understand?! I'm NOT the person I was MENT to be! I'm this STUPID thing, this MISTAKE! I've done it all wrong, you know. I couldn't even slid my wrists properly.
    I couldn't even FUCKING DIE!!!

    So leave me alone. Leave me with my misery. Leave me in my fucking self-created world. Leave me. And please, I beg you world, please just let me motherfuckin' die... :cry:
  2. GhastlyDemise

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    Great. Thanks a freaking lot, world. As if it wasn't enough allready.. Did you have to do that?! Did you have to take him away now too?! God I hate you! :cry:
    I loved him.. I loved him so much.. And now he's gone.. Forever.. Thanks a LOT! :cry:
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    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Esther :hug:
  4. GhastlyDemise

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    I can't do this any more.. :cry:
  5. blade

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    yes there is hun ♥

    im always here u can always PM me.
    hun just have a little faith in ur ur self sumtimes . u will succeed.