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Dear ***

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Sa Palomera

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Dear ***

- The amount of love I feel for you brings so many mixed emotions in my head. sometimes it scares me, sometimes it freaks me out, but thank God most of the time it makes me happy.
It scares me because I'm afraid to loose you. Maybe by me screwing up (which I'm so good at) or maybe by something happening to you. To be honest, I don't know how I'd react to something like that. I dont know what I'd do. But at the same time I just want you to be happy, even if that'd be without me in your life in any way.
It freaks me out because I love you so much that it hurts. It hurts to not always be able to talk to you when I feel down, or when I am excited or whatever. It hurts that ur so far away that I can't hug you when you feel like shit, that I can't whipe the tears off your cheeks when you're crying.
It freaks me out because everytime I cut or burn myself and everytime I take too much hash & booze, I feel like shit for letting you down. It freaks me out because whenever I wanna die SO BADLY, thinking of you keeps me from doing it. And that freaks me out because it's not normal, because it's just freaky. I'm a freak!
It makes me happy because it's great to have you as a sort of big sister, which my own sister never really has been. It's great to share my pain and sorrow as well as my joy and happiness with you. And it's great to just listen to your voice, listen to and read the interesting things you have to say.

I love you, my friend.
Hun i think i know who thats about and i know how much you love them and i know their the only person who've ever truely loved. I know how much you care for them and i know how much you worry about them.

You not a freak at all! i can tell how much you love them, when you talk about them i sense how much you love and care for them.

I don't think your ever gonna loose them. You should tell them how you feel. I know it hurts not to be able to be there for the ones we care about. I get the sense they care about you alot.

You get very happy when you talk about them, when we use to talk alot and you would talk about them to me, tell me about them i could here how happy it made you :smile:

Allways here if you wanna talk.

Viks x
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Sa Palomera

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yeah, she basically knows what I feel... She knows she'll always have a special place in my heart, no matter what. :) It's just so fucking shitty that I can barely talk to her apart from some sms' to one another.. we can barely phone cos we're both out of credit half of the time and cos of the time-difference it's also pretty difficult to meet up on msn. Especially with the amount of time she can spend online (which is basically not much at all).

it's just great to have someone like that, like a big sister. And eversince we met, our bond has only grown stronger, eventhough we've only seen eachother like one night :dry:

ah well.. just wanted to get it off my chest.. just send her the exact same message hehe. as an answer to the question why I think I love her more than she loves me...
Glad that he/she is there, that he/she keeps you from doin it :smile: :hug: Dont know who it is, but I love him/her, because he/she makes you happy
And you're not a freak :hug: well maybe, but in a good way :tongue:
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