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Dearest Daddy

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I noticed a few people have been writing 'to' theire dad's.. i had the urge to myself so i thought i would..

Dear Daddy,
I love you so much..
Seeing the smile on your face day after day makes everything seem right in the world.
You have never done anything wrong. You have never hurt me. And for that I am eternally greatful.
I feel so very proud to know you're my father, to know that you love me and that you are always here.
Your family, your past, your life, is what I am truely proud of most in my life, to know that I come from such a strong, truley amazing background.

I have never heard anyone say anything bad about you, I don't think I have heard you say anything bad about anyone else and actually mean it. Since the day I was born I have been proud to call you my father.

You have the ability to make me smile, make me laugh, no matter what the situation. Hugging you makes all the pain in the world seem to disappear..
You take me seriously when I need it, you hold me when I cry, you laugh with me when I'm cheerful and I know you will still love me when I die.

When I grow up I pray that I can be just half the person you are, you make everyone feel welcome, you talk with such confidence but not so much that they feel intimidated by you. All of my friends complement you and say how great you are, and i smile back feeling so proud, and just reply with "I know".

I don't know what I have done to deserve you, but it must have been something really great.. If all of the world were like you there would be no wars, no fights, no hate and no cries. the world would be at peace.

I remember the only time I ever heard you say "fuck". I cried.. you scared the shit out of me.. Most people have heard their parents swear heaps of times.. but this shocked me and I knew something must really be wrong.. You were yelling at Tom. Sick of all of the crap he puts you through every single day.. And it still took you so long to really go off.. I remember hearing you and stopping. tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks.. I wanted to run up to you and hold you, just hold you and make all of the pain go away.. It wasn't fair. It's not fair what you have to put up with.

You look after Tom. Yes he's your son, but he's a person and he is also Rose's son. You buy his groceries, you keep him company, you check his house is clean and tell him what needs to be done when there is something. You make sure his money doesn't run out and you help him with absolutely everything. No one else seems to have as much paitence and good will in their hearts to do this day after day. I have never met a man like you, Dad.

I look up to you, I am so proud of every little thing you have done in your life, and for making me the person I am today. You got me this far, and I know you will keep getting me through it all until it is time for our paths to cross. You will always be in my heart, Dad. I will love you until I am gone.

Your daughter,
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