Death Date with MaryKate

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by DevinSutherland, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. DevinSutherland

    DevinSutherland New Member

    Hello my name is Devin. I had a traumatic accident in 2009. It changed my world. Nothing has been the same since... I have been suicidal for some time and don't know what to live for.

    I am currently writing a blog about the events that led up to the accident.

    If intrested read more about it here-
  2. wickedsick

    wickedsick Member

    Hi , Devin
    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Welcome to the forums Devin..I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune but you have come to the right place for support..
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