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Death Is No Option!

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After years of depression and suicidal thoughts. After constant contemplation of what I desire to do with my life. After years of asking myself, "Do I actually want to die?". I have come to a conclusion of what I will do with my life. I will continue to strive to achieve my goals. I will never abandon my goals. Basically, I am stating that I have no desire to take my life. I have made a decision that I will never attempt suicide, unless it is under exceedingly extreme situations. Therefore, as much as I loathe my decision, I will continue to deliberately live. The only manner in which I will die would be by a natural cause, an accident, murder, or killing of another type (for example, by a virus, an animal, an insect, or the like). Suicide will never be an option for me any longer. I will always be severely depressed, but that is something with which I am willing to live. Darn you William for your stupid decision!


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Stupid Decision I think not,

Its awesome that your making that promise to yourself, now that you have put that on the back burner maybe you will be able to put the focus on moving forward.

I bow to you, I have also made this promise to myself, and yes even though Im still depressed as hell, I will never take my life by my own hands.

Good Job William, I hope this attitude/new life continues for you!!!!!
Beauty comes from within, liking yourself also.
Find the little things that you like in life and the pleasure they bring.
Give to others and yourself, rewards endless.
If we decide that the walk is going to be hard, painful and never ending........ it probably will be.
If we train for it, have belief in our own fitness and a desire to enjoy it...it is easier.
I wish you well William, i hope you can start to look for contentment and not look for existence, i know you can do it, we all can.
Intention thats the key, no one said it was easy.
I could do with a few spare keys myself, trouble is, only i can make them


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I'm so happy to hear this, Will! It's a smart decision. I'm here for you as long as you want me to be and I will support you all the way. You're a good friend.
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