Death Loves Me with a Blade <TRIGGERING>

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    I lay in the dark

    Empty, cold, waiting

    Where are you?

    Tears build and I wonder if you'll show this time

    My throat is tight, my body tense

    How many nights I have run from you

    How many nights I have called to you

    Will this be the night you answer me?

    I hold my breath as long as I can

    Welcoming the searing heat as my lungs tear open

    No, I breathe

    I feel my muscles loosen and I sink into the bed

    Suddenly I'm warm

    And relieved

    I can feel you in the corner, watching me


    You are here

    I'm not afraid now

    You move towards me on the bed

    Stirring the air with a soft sigh

    I'm hunted and you've found me

    I will not run

    Tonight I do not fear you

    I feel the covers stir and you slip in beside me

    I welcome your cold on my now hot skin

    I close my eyes as you trail fingers up my legs

    The red dripping behind

    So warm

    Your chill touches my thighs, parting the skin

    How can this feel so good

    So right

    It drips between my legs


    Your fingers glide over my wrists


    I watch as the heat escapes me


    I see the stains grow on the sheets

    Blossoms of red opening to the warmth

    I can't help but smile at you

    I know it's wrong

    I've loved you and feared you

    Always in secret

    Now everyone will know

    I feel your fingers graze my breasts and I gasp

    With pain

    With pleasure


    You continue up and so cold

    You pause on my throat



    You touch


    Shocking pain makes me cry out

    I gasp in horrified wonder as the heat sprays

    I'm spent

    I rest

    You've taken me

    I am yours
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