Death of A Heart

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  1. Almost_There

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    Death of a Heart

    I run from my house
    hoping to not be too late
    running as fast as I can
    running against fate

    My chest screaming for air
    still a bit more to go
    the burning starting now
    as time it seems start to slow

    I get to his house
    my brother, but not in blood
    knows my tale, and me his
    as together we were shunned

    I dont bother knocking
    slamming the frame
    I need to get to him
    on this frightful day

    For just a bit ago, he called
    and said with a sigh
    "I cant do this anymore
    I love you, and goodbye"

    I screamed back "No Please!"
    I begged with him to see
    "I can help you!"
    Pleading with him on my knees

    He replied "Its to late"
    and he hung up the phone
    I knew what was to happen
    practicully flew to his home

    Up the stairs and down
    the hall to a frightful sight
    his hand on a knive to
    his throat about to take his life

    Tears welled up, I can see
    as they were in mine
    "Im sorry" his whispered
    "I need it, something else to find"

    I screamed as he did the deed
    his soul leaving and I knew
    I cradeled his body
    knowing nothing I can do

    O god why has the left me
    forsaken and broken again
    taken everything I had and
    now you took all my friends

    He stopped breathing after
    just a minute of time
    He left me like everyone
    as again my heart dies
  2. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    So sad.
  3. jackk

    jackk New Member

  4. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    gawd almost the same story
    different method
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    A heavy heart my poem read like yours their is death of both individuals in the end not just the one that left I am sorry your bro had to do this his mind his illness did this to him He would never have left you it was is illness that did this to him. He loved you just as mine love me but their illness was to far gone it took them in the end. I hope you are getting help to stay strong as i am.
    Suicide always kills more then just the one. I hope you heart gets the help it needs to live again take care
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