Death of a Marionette

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    Death of a Marionette

    The little man's collapsed
    A heap of cloth and cord
    The life lines above
    Slack and hopeless.

    He'd been a delight
    So witty and bright
    His neat cloths so real
    Now exposed, a fa├žade.

    Just a boy, hair tangled
    Dirty, naked and scrawny
    Who'd pulled the strings
    And taken us all in

    Ashamed to be seen
    He'd lived off occasional charity
    From those who, for a moment looked up
    And moved, left a little for him

    Not enough
    To keep both body and soul
    Now skin and bone
    Slack and hopeless

    Why didn't he say?;
    We didn't know!
    We loved him, Bright and witty
    Lost forever.
    Forever Dead.​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.