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dont try and find out who i am, youll all just hate me more.

ive got a plan to kill myself, im sorry, im sorry for all those i let down, and for all those who've hurt, im sorry, i am..
i just cant bare this anymore, i love you all.. :cry:

im sorry....

im just so angry, upset, confused, hurt... alone.... :(

i just want to die.. im sorry! :cry:


Is there something in particular that's happened to make you feel this way? Btw, you probably don't need to be sorry abot anything, you might just have a strong critical view watching over yourself... i've got exactly the same problem.


no i just feel this way, people say you cant just feel this way, but i do, oh i do, i wish theyd go away, i dont want these feelings,thought, wants, needs, dreams anymore, i want them away, i need to die though, i have too!
Hun please PM who ever you are :hug:

I just want you to be safe, thats all we want for ya, please PM or if you have me on MSN talk to me their, im not entirely sure who you are but i have a few thoughts, so please PM me
Not open for further replies.

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