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It's odd, I remember a time when my mate had died, and I'd come close, and I was just walking down the street when I was struck by how amazing everything was, the trees, the clouds, my hand, everything just seemed to radiate an energy, to be so awesome. And yet with the problems and issues we go through, to then turn around and say "ooh look! A tree!" just seems to make no sense. So I've just come to the conclusion that things just don't have to make any sense, that's the way life is I guess.


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Thanks Mike, it's much appreciated. I've missed your presence around the forums :)

Well Ziggy, I can certainly relate, and it makes a lot more sense than you may think. The world seems inexplicably more beautiful when you take into account your own mortality. At least that's my reasoning.
Personally I feel the opposite way. If life just ends into nothing then I'd rather not bother with forcing myself to try to enjoy it, since the result would be the same either way.
It is still a very good blog though. That is just my opinion.


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I posted some ramblings of mine concerning the topic of death. I figured I'll just link you all to my blog so as not to trigger anyone.
I agree with your blog post. It's poignant and searches for hope. I suppose we're in the same boat about it and that you were trying to end your post on a positive note. While I also feel that death helps to motivate us not to waste our lives, I also would not hesitate to conquer it if I was able. If I could give everyone another 50 years or another 100 years or another 1000 years to enjoy life and to remember the past and to build themselves and others up I would without a doubt. In fact, I think that with time we as a species are growing more fourth dimensional in how we live and think. I do not believe we will ever live forever, but I do think that we will come to know the past and the future in much greater detail and live much longer lives as well.

I like this:

I think the best thing we can do is to not let death surprise us. Don't ignore the warning signs. If you feel you're on the brink, please find out what the problem is so that you can plan the final moments of your life. Maybe you can use the time to write a bibliography or a small summary of your life and your views on things. Maybe you can use the time to make something you always wanted to make so that you can leave it behind for others to see long after you're gone. Maybe there's something you always wanted to do that you never got around to that will make you feel more relaxed when you contemplate leaving this world forever? Whatever it's, please don't keep your head in the sand about your own death. The person that you're still lives in the people who survive you. Be mindful of them. They have to live with your image for the rest of their lives. Leave in such a way that they will have something more to hold onto.

We shouldn't ignore our own death to escape coping with it. In doing that aren't we forcing others to have to cope with it?
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