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death is a wierd thing.

i want to die

ive tried to kill myself numerous times.
i suvived somehow all of them, without any real damage.

and i want to try again

death i know wont solve things, everything will just go away
yet i still want to die
because dying would be better than this
not being would be better than being this
i want to die
i want to die
i want to die
i want to die
my problem is deeply seeded in my genetics. most of my family either has/had depression or is bipolar.

nothing triggered this mood swing. i woke up in a horrible mood last monday, and its gotten worse everyday since.
i'm bipolar so i know what it's like to be overcome with a dark mood.
do you think you have bipolar instead of depression? might be worth looking into it as the prozac won't help if you're bipolar.


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I to am bipolar and get the downs without triggers. I wasnt diagnosed with it until around 19-20 but have suffered from depression since I was around 10.

The best advice I can give is to get active, use that energy in a positive way, while trying to keep your mind occupied. I know its not much but sometimes you have to take days minute by minute, day by day.

And realize the thoughts that you are having is a symptom of the disease not your life.

I hope tomorrow is better for you. PM if you ever want to talk.


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I have bi polar as well my first Dr didn't diagnose me with it but I knew I was.I would be at work for e.g be over the moon then within a matter of seconds be so low and depressed,and that would happen virtually where ever I went.Elizabeth it's possible you could have a misdiagnosis and/or your meds aren't working as well.I totally understand your pain please feel free to talk anytime you need.


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Are you feeling any better today elizabeth?
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