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I have been there. I have died twice. This one is the second time.

I dont feel like going into it but when it comes down to it I couldent breathe and I died stumbleing down the cat walk of my barraks. Im still here which suggests that I was ressesatated. Either that or this is some fucked up afterlife.
That one was pretty scary. I definatly have a respect for death. In th marine corps I have killed people and I know a bit about what they went through. Feeling reality fade and realiseing that I will never see the sky again. Thats the last thing I remebered. As everything faded into darkness I just got extreemly sad. More depressed than I have ever felt.
I am glad that Im alive and a small part of me dosnt want to die. Im doing everything I can to embrace that part right now. To force myself to get through this.
For anyone that feels as I do right now dont take death lightly. Its not a release or a freedom from your current problems. Its the worst thing you could possably put yourself or the ones that care about you through. If you try and fail your lfe will become so much worse. It ruins you and everything your working for.


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Hi Craig. I hope your feeling better. It must be really hard being a soldier. Having to deal with death all the time. It's so awful. Thanks for posting your story. :hug:
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