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Most days I just curl up into a little ball while in bed, until I have to come to work. My back is stiff and sore most of the time, with the rest of my body not far behind. I just don't see the point anymore, this world is cruel and unforgiving. I'm no use to society or anyone.

Everyday is just constant torture. Always wondering if someone is talking behind my back/lack of trust. Everyday is HELL for me. Some people just can't admit that a person would be better off dead. I should start looking for suicide methods online. Hopefully I'll find a painless method.


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sorry to hear about your back problems. i have mine too (but from weight lifting though lol). anyways, don't worry too much about people talking behind your back, maybe they are not. they are probably (as we all are) too concerned about their own lives and not really worried about talking behind your back.
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