Deathwish (*might trigger*)

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    Just so you know: this is my first poem please comment!


    I am haunted by a nightmare,
    See dead people day by day.
    'round me is an evil flare,
    My life's drive has gone astray.
    My nightmare, my curse is life.

    A soul is lost it is too late,
    The scars have been intensified,
    It's time to bring death up to date,
    All know it, it can't be denied.
    Life needs an end, a sharp knife.

    My life's highest gosl is death.
    Death is freedom, it is relief.
    With my final worthless breath
    I will say: no need for grief.
    Going gone, a happy thought.

    To friends, for those to remain:
    Be glad with me, pain is no more.
    I'll find a place without any rain,
    Where blood won't cover cold stone floor.
    End to life and the things it's brought.

    Come quick!
    Come quick...

    Thanks for reading this
  2. wow. that was powerful. you have skill with writing poetry :) hope you are okay x
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