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  1. nightfallagain

    nightfallagain Well-Known Member

    Mistakes cannot be rectified, nor forgotten.
    They must be gently forgiven.
    So please, forgive my heart
    It's not that the problem lies anywhere in there.
    Honestly, uncalculated, unrehearsed,
    Yet talking about the right things
    Rather than having the right feelings,
    The emotional conflict continues to injure; there's a loss for words.
    Angered by confusion, irritated and afraid.
    Too agitated to move calmly toward goals that are set,
    Engulfed by a storm that threatens.
    Hasty, distracted, lack of concentration...fear.
    There's an array of possible projections, but a persistent trend
    One more is too many; one more becomes not enough.
    Yet I am responsible for what I bring into my life
    And the consequences are very real.
    Still, other people's smiles, more than anything
    Only make more anger - more frustration.
    I'm debilitated by negative interpretation.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I used to view the world as 'out to get me', and I know how painful that is...I hope you find some kindness here and see that people are here to support you
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