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  1. Nuri

    Nuri Well-Known Member


    So tired of this life,
    When the contents
    Are built upon strife.

    Lies are created while
    Lives are ended with
    or without our consent.

    Each day we crawl,
    With hopes of standing tall,
    In the end we fall.

    Why must I stay here,
    I'm starting to decay in fear,
    Wrapped in my quilt of guilt.

    Love exists to make,
    Every emotion swarm to keep our,
    Hearts and their shell warm.

    With adequate lack of pride,
    We are nothing but a carpet,
    Our purpose is to be walked upon.

    Why can't I stray,
    From dream to dream,
    Without having to pray.

    Nothing is what I am,
    If only I could think of something,
    Just one thing for me to love myself.

    I'm hanging on a metaphorical rope,
    Thats swaying in the wind,
    A storm of sin is rolling in.

    Not a day passes by,
    Where I don't want to pry,
    Inside, letting myself drip dry.

    Nothing but a burned soul,
    Stuck in a hole inside a field,
    Of self-induced hell.

    I'd sell myself if I were,
    Worth anything to anyone,
    I'm going cheap, letting wounds seep.

    Sinking deeper into my blood,
    Running out of breath as,
    My world turns red.

    All things come to an end,
    Even when the time isn't right,
    The opposite is something we can't pretend.

    Death is all around us,
    As every breath we take,
    Becomes our last wake.

    Let me leave so that,
    You may breathe in a life,
    Full of vitality and individuality.

    I have no home here,
    Home is where the heart is,
    Mine home has been torn.

    Why was I born in a time,
    When every rose has it's thorns,
    A dawn of defeat is arising.

    Hopes and dreams are all,
    That we have to guide us,
    In our future of fuss.

    I've danced the last dance,
    With decadence and it's friends,
    In a world of manic sense.

    Death calls me from afar with it's allurring tone,
    The end of being a burden to myself and everyone else,
    I have a one way ticket, the door is open.

    Hush now, As I leave,
    Let me live one of my dreams,
    Before rush-hour arrives.

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  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Well-written and well-expressed.

  3. Nuri

    Nuri Well-Known Member

    Thank you. :hug:

    It was one of those spur of the moment things and suited the mood I was in...

    I'm sorry if it's terrible, just like the rest of the songs/poems that I've written and posted on here. Believe it or not, I actually want to be a Musician, I haven't got a hope in hell if I can't write a good song/poem.
  4. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Well, I thought it was rather good.
  5. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    stop with the self doubt and the self loathing dear callum, that poem was beautiful along with everything you've posted here...if it was trash people wouldn't bother to compliment you on it.
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