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    Well when I joined this forum I was lonely so I decided to put my email address in my sig. So a few days later someone added me on msn from this forum. She was very sweet and I basically spoke to her about everything and I felt like I could trust her. Well nearly a month on after knowing this girl she tells me that she is my ex.

    I was only with this girl for 2 months in the beginning of the year but we split up as neither of us was ready for a relationship. She lied to me the whole time when I asked her why she did it she just said it was to help me but how is lying to me supposed to help me ? She is currently dating a friend of mine but we are not close any more because of him dating her and some other issues. She even tells him she loves him but they have only known each other for a month which is ridiculous I mean yeah sure you can start to fall in love with someone but not full blown love because thats something that has to develop over time.

    She even got me banned on another forum I visited. I am hurt by all of this but what really hurts is that I thought I had made a new friend that I could talk to about everything its all such a mess. She has begged me not to give out her user name so I won't because even though she has really pissed me off I am not that kind of guy.