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New to this forum, and joined because I've been through some significant depression lately and looking for support, answers, or just some enlightenment.

But first ... what can I really expect here? So far I see the only people that mention age are relatively young, so perhaps I can't expect much insight or answers? Not saying that opinions of younger members are not to be respected, but I know that I've changed significantly after hitting my 30's, and if I knew then what I know now, I'd be... yeah, sure you've heard that before.

Also, why is it that no one (ie: authorities) get on here and intervene? After all, this is a suicide forum, and suicide is allegedly illegal. Yet I see messages that people have made the decision and planning to off themselves. Surely it would be easy to physically locate the people behind the usernames.

Anyone care to clarify the expectations here. Thanks.


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Actually I believe, at least in the uk, that suicide is no longer illegal, it seemed a bit stupid to charge someone who was dead, which is the only real time you can get charged with suicide. And those who attempted or failed needed help rather than prison sentancing. I'm quite new here as well but thought I would say welcome still and I can understand what you are saying about the age with wisdom thing but maybe a perspective from people in a different time or situation might actually help you in some cases?


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Fancy arresting people if they attempt suicide...thats absolutely ridiculous isnt it. Im glad to see they came to there senses in the U.K. People need help and support, not to be locked up. Whomever thought of that law in the first place should be locked up.


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Hi, yada! In addition to what xan said about the age thing, what you post could also give the younger members some insight on what they may encounter in the future. You may feel comfortable posting in the Antiquitie's Friends forum in The Gathering section. If you decide to stay, I hope you get all the support you need!


about the age thing... i am over 40 and suffer sever depression... tried to off myself awhile back... have trouble sleeping at times and other times i will sleep for a week straight, chronic headaches...
but i do think that you will find some here old enough to understand...
always can e-mail me


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Hi yada and welcome to the forum.
First I would like to tell you that this is indeed called suicide forum but we are pro life;if you look around the sections and posts you might find tracks of our own intervention, I don't really think there's any reason for any authority to intervene....i must say it shocked me a bit, the way you wrote that.We don't encourage, better said we definately discourage suicide,we try by all our means to keep people safe, for some of us it means hours, nights, holding on to someone....
we also have a complete rule and guideline posted where you can see what this site is about.
You asked what you could expect here: you can expect support, non judgemental, some space to talk about your problems, understandig, friendship.....I guess that's the idea.
I hope you like it here and I was able to give you a small picture of what this site is about
Take care,

by the way, I'm 41 :)
Ask yourself this ... if you died, how long would it be before someone noticed? For me, it could be over a week or two.

hey there

this is only my 2nd post but i have thought the same thing

when i was with my ex she rang me everynight to make sure i got home ok...
If i went out and did something stupid then she doesnt ring me anymore or very little so i doubt she would find out that quick

My parents would probably ring her after a day perhaps but they wouldnt know where i was.

I also really wonder how people on a forum i use alot would know or people i used to go to college with, id want to tell them but thats harsh on them


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Well I typed up a summary last night, and many hours later it was really more of a book. Odd, cause I hate writing. I have not posted it yet to not bore you all, and even though we're anonymous here I feel odd posting personal details. I also realized that I can't expect anyone to say that it's okay to leave, so I know I won't get a objective opinions to assist with my decision.

In some ways, it was great to write all my thoughts, feelings, etc as it's easier to look at myself objectively that way. What I learned from it though is that my feelings are justified.

For the curious, it's not that something in my life is going wrong, it's that everything is going wrong, and I had previously worked very very hard to make a good life for myself, which is now mostly all lost. Being quite level-headed, this is honestly not a "woe-is-me" situation. I can objectively deduce that there is little hope of recovery. Not "no" hope, but "little" hope. The perplexing decision is whether it's worth the fight to hang on for that little chance, especially when I really have no more goals in life. So in the slim chance that I do get over this depression, then what?

My biggest concerns with leaving are that people will think I wussed out, and I really want to leave with a positive image. I don't want people to feel sorry for me afterwards. I had a cousin who offed herself some years ago when she was in college, and I know people feel sorry for her. Seriously, a terminal disease or a fatal accident would be ideal. But I can't plan that since the chance of surviving with some disability seems quite high ... and I'd be alive knowing that I failed at something else ... not much help for a depressed state.

FWIW, here's something that's been bugging me a lot recently ... I don't matter to most anyone nowadays, especially family. Ask yourself this ... if you died, how long would it be before someone noticed? For me, it could be over a week or two.

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