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  1. virgo

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    The sirens song,
    So enticing, so inviting,
    Sings to me of peace.
    As I battle
    Adrift on the sea of life,
    Her arms, so lovely, beckon,
    Promising with their embrace
    Sleep, sweet sleep and peace.
    An end to struggle, hate, despair,
    No more tears or heartache.
    Forgetfulness of treachery,
    Of empty, broken promises,
    Of an empty, broken life.
    My siren's name is Death,
    I know.
    But, oh how sweet her song.

    by jaing
  2. ImAllAlone

    ImAllAlone Member

    Thats really awesone, that song/poem sorry if im being creepy I just joined yesterday so im not exactly sure what to say but that was pretty sorry to disturb
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.