Declaration of War

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    This post contains what I wanted to email to my university but didn’t, on account of having to be fairly civil in asking for a transcript for my parents’ sake (I’m going to be dropping out); besides, it’s not as though it’s going to change anything anyhow. I am posting it as a promise to my future so that when I swing from raging manic to suicidal depressive I will remember why I have chosen to live and become both indestructible and untouchable. Note that I am writing it in a fit of fury that I have worked up whilst being unable to sleep because of a damn email as well as the fact that I literally just received news of my grandmother’s passing after years of pointless suffering and her rapid deterioration over the past months (no pity please), and thus cannot be bothered to check it so please excuse any improper grammar or spelling as well as any lack of clarity of concept.

    Dear Prof XXXXX,

    I am writing in reply to your enquiry regarding my inaction over the application for examination; I had intended for this reply to have come much sooner, but unfortunately, with my illness over the past months and my grandmother’s rapid deterioration and recent death, I have undergone some degree of organisational atrophy so as to have led to my belief that I had, in fact, already sent a response. However, neither such calamities have directly precipitated the present agendum so allow me to get to the point.

    I made a terrible choice on a wing and a prayer to join your college, and it has cost me far more than I expected it to. Though I make no assertions regarding my intelligence, be in no doubt that I am and have always been first and foremost and without any reservations an intellectual of incurable romanticism. A friend once told me that one must walk up the mountain to know that one did not want to walk up it in the first place; I would venture to add that the above is just as true for Sisyphus and I: I have been shoving the same stale soporific stone of anti-intellectualism up the same heinous hill of institutional education ever since I can remember, and your corporation has done nothing to cease perpetuating the same deplorable reason as to why the world is filled with anti-intellectual graduates (or drop-outs) of the various stages of institutional education rather than leading the generations through spectacular revolutions of the mind and up the path of the Nietzschean overman.

    Instead, you chose and continue to choose the path of the pusillanimous plebeian that cannot not rise above its own habitat, and thus regulate the system that even now tears the world apart. When I arrived, I, like many others, was naïve, fresh-faced, and infused to the core with passion – now, though my Amor Intellectualis has never and will never diminish, my belief that your corporation could possibly cater to my needs and the needs of all those students you have transformed into caffeine-fuelled examination-orientated automatons has plunged lower than the deepest darkest abysses of Tartarus. I once wondered where all those soulless drones of the financial industry that even now exploit the population for profit came from, now I know.

    You have taught the students nothing but how to “cynically manipulate the system” (to quote Calvin from as they have been doing since primary school: your choice of course material is a choice of tedium and triviality in the mathematical world of whimsy and wonder; your examinations, irrational though they are, are an infinitely recurring test of the ability to compact repetition into the spacetime of a few hours of questions that only echo past papers and problem sheets; your only outlet that seemed to encourage creativity and ingenuity (the 1st year projects) was one of the most irresponsibly managed half-arsed operations I have ever had the displeasure of participating in. You, like the educational institutions before you, are justified in saying that you taught me how to think, in that you set the cautionary example as a warning to all budding intellectuals: walk our path and whither – whatever stature I have achieved it was solely upon my own merits.

    I understand now why Kuhn spoke of the paradigm shift (in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions), whereby the older generation of scientists had to physically die out for the ideas of a newer generation to be accepted; I understand now why Einstein never won a Nobel Prize for his work on relativity; I understand now why Perelman was treated the way he was by the mathematical academia: whilst there are true intellectual academics, most of the academia consists entirely of former grade A students with a First Class Honours who are merely mediocrities with a work ethic but without the understanding that mathematics (as well as the sciences) requires a certain creative ingenuity above all else; tertiary education as constructed by you herd of ‘independent thinkers’ is no more than an education industry that seeks to leech as much money as it can whilst getting away with giving a sub par education. I made a promise long ago back in the days of my primary education – that I would reform the educational system so as to prevent peons like yourself from driving any hint of Amor Intellectualis out of innocent souls; I have made few promises over the course of my life, and I have always honoured them. For the sake of future generations I announce my withdrawal from your corporation to become the vengeance of Edmond Dantès, and thus I declare war on all of your putrid kind and the mess you have made of this world.

    Up yours,

    Your intellectual superior and newfound enemy
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    Fucking awesome!
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    Ah, there's nothing more brutal then an intellectual and artful beat down. Confound them and insult them at the same time! Hell yeah! Best of luck on your future endeavors anyways.