Dedicated to my mom, I love you

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by forever_scarred, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. forever_scarred

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    what it comes down to is im never going to be able to move on, im sorry if that makes someone upset but living without a mom is like living without your soul....your body
    can live on but your heart can keep functioning but you no longer have anything to live for...just existance, nothing more

    A mother is more than just a parent, she gave you life. She created you out of love. Cherish it, Embrace it because you never know when that beautiful smile will die and leave u with a great hole. It never heals, its a reminder of how fragile life is. Love her to the fullest, never let her forget how much she means to you and always hold her in your heart
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    that brought tears to my eyes hun..beautiful!

    I can hear how much you loved you dear Mother..*hug*

    I miss mine too!

    I wish my 2 daughters who won't speak to me felt the way you do..
  3. 1Lefty

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    The love you have for your mother, the longing, all came through. How true. May she rest in peace.
  4. total eclipse

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    Hugs to you hun i know ones pain never leaves hun You mother would not want this for you hun she would want you to move forward but i do u nderstand how hard that is
  5. Samuel93

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    I fully agree with this. It's been 9 months without my Mum because of cancer. I'm 18 (was 17 at the time) and I would literally do anything just to see her again for 5 minutes to tell her just how she was the best mother
  6. letty

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    I feel your pain, I lost my mom on new years, I didnt know her well but i still have a void inside,
  7. forever_scarred

    forever_scarred Well-Known Member

    Im so sorry for your loss. If you ever need someone to talk inbox is always open :hug: