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I just wanted to say hi to everyone, ive recently been feeling a lot more down than usual. I just want to keep myself from getting too low, and to be able to communicate with people who understand. I had a good friend commit suicide at the end of last year, and my own, and other friends reactions make me so aware of the feelings of the people close to me when things like this happen. However as I get down I find myself unable to talk things through with the people around me as im scared of the reactions I will provoke.
I thought that maybe joining these forums would help, to have people around who not only understand, but are distant enough to be able to talk to without fear and to be able to provide help and support for other people, giving something positive back.
Anyway, my 2 sentences of hello seems to have turned into a bit of an essay, hope thats ok, and well, hi :unsure:


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:welcome: to the forum. Thanks for all the info about you. We definitly are a group of people that can relate to how you feel. I am glad you were able to find us. :hug:

jane doe

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hi and welcome, here you can speak freely, no one will be surprised and everyone will try to help you, because we are a very caring comunity. Take care and pm me if you want.
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