Deep Within

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  1. lfdy

    lfdy Active Member

    Let me enter your head and see through your eyes
    To understand more clearly what underneath lies,
    Let me think your thoughts, breathe your breath,
    Are they really all about life or death?

    Do you feel lonely, lost and unloved?
    Finding it hard to keep your head above
    The phantom force that keeps pulling you below,
    Strangled by heavy chains, from head to toe.

    All through the night do terrors fill your mind?
    Desperate to stay awake, so peace you can find,
    But then memories start rushing so fast to your head,
    Haunting you, taunting you, wish you were dead?

    A voice from the darkness calls ‘come to me?’
    But will it lock you up or set you free?
    From the feeling of worthlessness deep inside,
    And a broken heart that silently cries.

    Do you feel yourself drowning and slipping away?
    Too tired to breathe and face another day,
    Echoes chanting, runaway…..runaway…..


    There’s no place to hide, for the master sees all,
    His hands there to catch us whenever we fall,
    No need to be afraid anymore, of the shadows on the wall

    All He asks for, is our broken lives to give,
    To fill them with hope, so we will want to live.
    Nothing is free, there’s a small price to pay,
    But He will bring changes slowly our way,
    And believing one day, we’ll see Him face to face,
    Freely giving the spirit of our souls, a resting place.

    HS Leigh
  2. sarahg

    sarahg Well-Known Member

    beautiful.ty it is me hugs
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