Defeating Corporate America, One Laptop at a time!

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  1. One who listens..

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    The trial of more then a year and a half is at a finish. After my dear father tried barrage after barrage of harshly worded messages, and was repeatedly repulsed by the corporations politely worded generic responses, he was infuriated. With a mighty CLICK of the enter button, he sent Dell to arbitration! (Essentially, suing.) After nearly 6 weeks, they answered with a politely worded accpetance, and we proceed to the next step. (Of which, there were about 40. And it would be years before trial.) Angered by the slow speed, it became my turn at the helm of Vindication!

    With a "HEAVE!" and a "HO!" and a lengthy politely worded email, along with a short 2 minute video demonstrating exactly what happend, and a 5 paragraph detail by detail description, I recieved a FREE REPLACEMENT MONITOR FOR MY LAPTOP!
    Even though it was not covered by the warranty (Or so they claimed, because it was apparently not a 'manufacturing defect') They said they did not have to replace it. But, they generously, (no sarcasm) offered to replace it, and for that, I THANK YOU DELL.

    I can not describe how relieved I am, and how much more I like Dell today :laugh:

    - OWL
  2. Jenny

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    YAY! That's great.. i'm glad they've sorted it out for you! That's DexcELLent :)unsure:)
  3. silent_enigma

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  4. Terry

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    Am about to send beloved laptop to DELL to hopefully:unsure::hiding: be fixed:sad: So fingers toes and crossed OWL I get the same result :smile:

    ps Where the hell u been :eek:hmy:
  5. Jolanta

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    Hi OWL,
    There you are! :biggrin:

    I've been missing you. :sad:

    With love from Jolanta
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