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Definitely feeling unsafe


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I'm a scientist with an advanced degree. I have access to a lot of chemicals and ordering and purchasing them. Years ago I had access to a gas that was toxic but threw it away. I recently ordered a.soffeeenrm chemical rhat is not safe. I know where it is in the lab at work and sometimes I think about taking it. I know I shouldn't even think about it but I'm just so.down. I don't want to be down.angmkre and don't want to do more.cognitiive therapy and uk tired of.medsthat make me.dull. I need encouragement to stop imagining dying.
Sorry that you're feeling this way.

I feel like you've got a lot going for you, just as you've also got a lot of problems to deal with. Making changes may not be easy, but I think that's possible for you.

What would your ideal life be like? Do you feel like it would be possible for you to find that, or at least a big improvement? Maybe day dreaming about a better life could encourage you to get there.

I hope something can help
This sounds tough. I can understand the appeal of knowing that there is something close by that could harm you if you took it. I find it almost impossible to erase the idea from my mind. But this chemical you have sounds very dangerous. The only way to stay safe is to have it removed out of your reach. Is that something that is possible to make sure you stay safe? I understand how hard it is to let it go but your safety is a priority. *hug

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