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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by BelovedDreamer, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    I both love and hate the way everything reminds me of you
    When Pam goes out to walk Jake at lunch
    I get a flash of you
    Passing under the window
    With a wrinkled grey shadow on a leash.
    My teeth chatter in a half-rejected smile
    As I remember passing you
    As you trundled along with your eyes on the ground
    Looking awfully lost and pensive, as always.
    Eeyore cum Pooh Bear
    Trailing your own little rain cloud
    So that for the life of me
    I can’t remember the actual state of the weather that day.
    I go to a big movie theater
    A Cineplex type-deal with stadium seats
    In Northern Missouri
    About as far from home as my gas money could reach
    I’m running away from you I realize
    And the shame of your rejection.
    I’m running away from the parts of me
    That still recognize you in every inch of
    The only place that has ever been safe.
    Turns out they came with me.
    My eyes blink as we emerge from the darkened theater,
    My old friend and I,
    The light is harsh and I feel a moment of confusion
    When I realize it is still daylight.
    As we march resolutely into the bathroom,
    Bladders full of soda pop
    and the tepid water we’ve been drinking to beat the heat,
    A corner of my post-movie addled brain
    Catches on a bright poster.
    They’ve made one of your favorite books
    Into a motion picture.
    I hope for your sake that it’s good
    And then wonder if it is even something you’d bother to see.
    I doubt I’ll go
    But then I never did read the book
    And I wouldn’t want to think of you
    Or be able to keep myself from half-hoping
    Half-worrying, that I might turn around and see you there.
    Ridiculous, but true.
  2. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    Your poems are really very good. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Beautiful Dreamer;

    Absolutely stunningingly tearfully beautiful.:eek:hmy: You never stop writing, and I'm glad, but I'd be even more glad if you'd stop feeling the hideous sadness that precipitates these poems... if that makes any sense.:blink:


  4. Yes, that hideous sadness...which you express so ultimately well - how, what a relief it would be to have that relieved...


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