Delete my account!!!!!

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Hi Vampyre Lothos,
why do you think everybody hates you? I'm not going to delete you're account (I can't technicaly do that, anyway :rolleyes: ), but I would like to know why you want us to do that....I don't hate you.
take care
:hug: helena
My life is wrong, I have no qualities naturally. I just want to stab myself again and again!!! I hate my own appearance, I hate the way this world works, I hate been told what to do and I hate myself. I must die. I have no future. I belong in the spirit world.

I even took the depression test and the results are 'Extreme'.
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And a jerk on here triggered me off! I think you all lying, all of you just want to promote violence coming from me.
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Sorry you feel that way. I don't think you are hated here, and if someone triggered you i apologize. Sometimes triggers happen even though we try to be careful about it. There is no way to tell what will trigger someone. How you deal with that trigger is what is important. As to deleting your account, we don't delete anyone. You can request from the administration that your account be closed. The choice is yours and you would be welcome to come back. Please take care.


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I don't hate you. I don't even slightly dislike you. On the contrary, I am very very concerned about you. I happen to have a thing for vampires as an Anne Rice fan. I've even LARP'd a game or two and I have several characters on the Vampire the Masquerade game. (I generally play a Gangrel)

So, Your already on my want to know more about and like list! lol!

(few people know I have such a dark side, Mwaa ha ha ha haaa) Well, I guess everyone will know now. :blink:

You've taken the test and I suppose you've come to accept that you have depression. What do you think of the idea of going to a nearby clinic, telling the Dr. that you are having suicidal thoughts and feel like there is no hope and that you can't stand it anymore?

1). Is it completely out of the question? 2). Maybe? or 3). "Ok, what have I got to loose."?

I suppose the question seems all together strange to you to begin with. I have been battling with depression for a while now so I've come to accept medication, Dr.'s and such. But if it's all very new to you then it could be very overwhelming too.

From what you've told us I get the impression you have a lot of very strong emotions raging inside of you. A strong desire to harm yourself. And a belief that you are somehow wrong and that the world is wrong.

What has happened Lothos!? have things just been gradually getting worse and worse or has something specific happened to trigger this intense mood?



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I like to think that your gut instinct is telling you that suicide isn't going to fix everything and your getting ready to play another hand.

Deal me in.


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we arent going to delete youre account.i understand you where upset but that doesnt mean you can take that out on others.hopefully being uder moderation will help you learn to deal more appropriately with that.i dont hate you either.i see in youre posts a person who is very angry and in allot of pain.i disagree with those two choices you mentioned.hopefully youre depression will one day lift and you wont see yourself as being hated.


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nope as i said youre not banned.i dont believe you should be can continue to receive the support you need i said we dont hate you.and you may come off of being under moderation in onmly means that youre posts have to be approved by a moderator before they can be doesnt stop you from posting.i hope you continue to post here because we will do whatever we can to support you and try to help you feel better about youre life.
I want **BeautyIsThin** to stop replying in my threads.

Also, I am not amused of someone spamming my email box from this forum, I want this and that to stop now, and then there is no trouble.


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if you dont want to read that persons reply than you can go into the user control panel there is a selection there for buddy/ignore lists just put that persons username in there and you will no longer see there posts.can you email me the email address of the person who is spamming youre email address so i can find out who it email address is [email protected].


* I'm NOT going to stop replying to threads just because you demand it * I've said it once and I'll say it again * If you want to block my posts then go ahead * I haven't been mean to you at all * I've given an opinion that differed with yours * If that's what you consider to be mean then that's quite sad and I feel sorry for you * I hope you can sort your life out instead of ending it *


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Beauty, that is nasty.

Theyve been banned and i dunno who they were or what went on, but you have no need to respond to peoples posts when they dont want you to.

If your opinions arent the same as someone elses your not obliged to say so, especially not here where it can trigger people.

Just like the old sayin goes 'if youve got nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all'

If someone asks you, whether they ask you politely or not, not to respond to their posts, why do you think you have the right to ignore them? Your purposefully gonna respond tot heir posts just to wind them up?

I dont think your the sort of person who would purposefully do that to upset someone, so perhaps you just didnt think of it that way.

Either way, think about it for the future.
You say Lothos wasn't kind????

And looking round the forums, you said you only placed him under moderation but then banned him!!!



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there are posts from lothos that have been deleted, so you can't say yourself for sure how kind he was or not. I think it's wise to read the guidelines of this forum, if you didn't yet, specially the bit about not argue with mods.....I wander why a new member seems to tfind important to get here to argue about how things are done, and to yell for a banned member... how about talking about who you are, what your issues are, why you got to this forum?
Thats the most common way people get in here, but well, what do I know?
Anyway, welcome to the forum.
Vampyre_Lothos & **BeautyIsThin**

If you two wish to argue please do so over MSN or AIM, this forum is not the place for it.


People come here looking for support with there life and issues with it, comments such as:

If that's what you consider to be mean then that's quite sad and I feel sorry for you
are not going to help and are certainly not welcome here, if you dont like what Vampyre_Lothos posts please use the ignore feature so that you dont see his posts or replys or pm an admin or moderator.


I can understand your frustration but pushing your anger onto others is not going to help anyone, especially yourself, as above, if you have a problem with another member please use the ignore feature so you dont see there posts or replys or pm an admin or moderator.

Either way arguing publicly is only going to anger and wind up other people which is not going to help anyone and this forum is certainly not the place for it nor is it acceptable.
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