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Deleting Accounts and Name Changes

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As is clear in the member rules and guidelines and the get started guide- we do not close/delete accounts. The reason is we do not collect any identifying or personal information- your entire account is a username you select to access the forum with and a password you select to enable you to access forum. Deleting/closing accounts simply results in one person having multiple accounts open and closed.

If you wish to not use SF anymore simply do not sign in. If you are concerned about the username we will change the username to anything you want. You can change your password to anything you want including something you cannot remember so you cannot access SF anymore if you choose and you can change password on your own.

We do not delete posts after they have been made. Posts on the forum are forum posts, not yours and the replies are other peoples replies not yours so it effects other people aside from the near impossibility of manually deleting multiple posts. This is the internet- if it was ever here it is still on the on internet someplace even if we delete in some cached copy- so there is no value in deleting posts. When you change username it changes it on all old posts as well to help you maintain anonymity.

To get your username changed send a message in the letter to admin section and an admin will assist you in changing your name. We strongly recommend you do not use your real name, particularly your real full name, and thta you do not use the same user name you use on multiple other sites. WE value your privacy and anonymity and strongly encourage you to do the same by staying anonymous, not posting excessive details that make you readily identifiable in posts such as real names of friends family, exact locations, etc. You may not care now but that could change in a few months or years so err on the side of caution and maintain your anonymity. This includes not sharing your personal email address or other contact information like real names, addresses, phone numbers or other messaging services with other members. This will prevent unwanted contact or embarrassment in the future as well as a safety measure because remember- you have no idea who the person really is that you are giving your personal information to. Be Safe!!
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