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Demon Infestation

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by D3AD, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. D3AD

    D3AD Member

    I don't want to go to a dr because I think they will lock me away for this. What I'm about to tell you appeared 100% real to me. I was NOT on any drugs or alcohol either, no medications, nothing. Last night It was a regular evening until a white cloud appeared in my house. This thing followed me into my room and it went into the corner behind my TV. Then a cricket appeared from under my dresser and hopped over to the TV(That bugged me out enough). The table the TV was on started to shake and flower pot shook as well. An old popcorn container started to bulge slightly too. I was freaking out, REALLY scared at this point. After a while it stopped and the cloud came up and started to spin in a cylinder against the wall, then into a disc shape, then back. I'm just sitting there in awe for awhile. So I decided to talk to it. When I did that across the street I heard a song my friend really likes play over and over. The people over there listen only to rap so I was shocked. I even heard the people confused as to why this is happening. Now since this thing showed me it is capable spinning fast enough to produce wind, I asked it to blow this empty cigarette box off of the ledge If it was Ryan. IT DID. Now I feel sad that I think my friend died, but happy he decided to visit me. So over the next 5 hours(yes it lasted that long, as to why I'm really scared)I talked to it about old times, even hearing my friends laugh. I got a family member to come see and they didn't see anything! I didn't understand that because it demonstrated to me It can knock physical objects over with wind. Eventually I saw the cloud get smaller and saw it start to unscew the light bulb in my lamp! I asked it"Is it your time to go?" I saw his ghostly face nod at me yes. Then it faded into the wall only to return 5 minutes later calling me name. His hand reached out which I grabbed for a handshake. It grabbed me and I felt it. After that It let go and grabbed my shoulder and proceeded to get absorbed into my body. I was really disturbed by this but thought it was my friend giving his left over energy before going to heaven. After that I went across the street to tell neighbors why the music was playing, they looked at me crazy and said goodnight. I didn't understand this because I heard them yelling about it earlier, freaking out over it playing by itself. When I come home I put my headphones on and listen to music, then I hear my name again. This time I see a heavenly light appear where the wall meets the ceiling. My friends voice says "come here". I go over and I start to see strands of hair coming from that spot. I thought "awesome! angel hair I want this!." So I start to grab it, strand after strand, when I did this it melted into oil in my hands. I did this for 10 minutes, until I heard the angel say "No more, Im going to go bald." That was the end of it, but I will give you some more details. During this episode I was having deja vu the entire time, in fact I knew some of the things that were going to happen, even memories of my other friend the next day showing me the bridge he fell off of. Prior to this I didn't have that memory but at that point I remembered it as if it was yesterday. So this morning I call my other friend to say "did you hear what happened to Ryan?" He said he was with him entire time yesterday and laughed at me. Now even at this point when I found out it was fake I even remember having that conversation too! Also in that night after it left I saw shadow demon run into the dresser and become the wood grain design and the handle became it's mouth and it growled at me. The drawers even moved too. So what Im trying to figure out is this a real demon that attacked me? Or am I completely INSANE? Or BOTH. Everything was so real, and I hallucinated before and I NEVER seen anything this real. Even on high doses of mushrooms or LSD. I don't do drugs anymore and It's been a long time since I have. No family history of any kind of mental illness at all. My life has alright lately and everything normal. I don't understand at all what is going on, I'm really scared because of how long it lasted and how real it was. I don't know what to do, I know I'm not crazy but I don't want to be locked away for telling dr this. Since it absorbed into my body that really bothers me too, If it is a real demon Im screwed now for sure. Anything you can say will make me feel better, Im all alone and my family here won't bother with me.Thank you
  2. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    Hi D,

    My first thought was that maybe it's a flashback, if you've been into acid and other hallucinogenics. I don't blame you for being scared though - but if you can, try not to let it get to you too much. You sound perfectly rational and ok, so maybe it's one of those things you'll never fully understand. If however you find something similar happening again, DON'T HESITATE. Tell someone, tell a doctor, see someone about it.
  3. D3AD

    D3AD Member

    Thanks, I didn't even think of that, I would call it a monthback though.(mind in "trip" mode 24/7..with hallucinations sparingly for a month now) I knew the mind is powerful, but to create a long "trip" like that is amazing. My life will never be the same now;currently also experiencing chronic deja vu. My entire life I always felt alone. Always felt on a different "frequency" than everyone else,now this makes it even worse. Experiencing synchronicitymany times a day also makes me question my sanity. It's beyond the red car syndrome at this point. At least everyday is interesting, but I feel lost in a dream world, nothing seems real anymore.
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  4. DrivEthermissIon

    DrivEthermissIon Banned Member

    Well done Tam! ^__^ Chin up eagle person, we're here for you.
  5. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    D3AD I didn't read your post so I have nothing to add except for this: Use paragraphs. More people will read it if it is broken into pieces, and it doesn't look so long. What you have is an offputting wall of text that many won't read and is harder for the ones that do. Whatever is wrong with you, I hope you start getting better, and that you keep posting here.

    Again, use paragraphs.
  6. D3AD

    D3AD Member

    alright, I see your point. Posting you didn't read it cracks me up. Thanx anyway
  7. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    He means well, don't let it put you off posting! How are you doing now?
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