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Dental cost and problems


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I am in the US. I have dental insurance, which is DeltaCare, a hmo type insurance.

I go to the dentist and we decide I need an extraction. BUT I am on a blood thinner so she doesn't want to do it and refers me to an oral surgeon. Said oral surgeon doesn't take DeltaCare. Just the consult with oral surgeon is $205.

So, the paperwork on DeltaCare says if there isn't a provider in my area they will send me to one and only have to pay the regular co-pays. BUT I have to call them and deal with all that. PLUS I doubt that will happen as there are two towns in hour radius that they will probably refer me to. AND I don't think I can drive that after having an extraction.

What the hell should I do?


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Considering I assume you will be given an anesthetic before the procedure, it'll probably be best for you not to drive. Granted, with local anaesthetics usually people can get behind the wheel soon after, what needs to be taken into consideration that some folk can react in different ways. Reaction such as discomfort or tingling sensations are quite common and can be a distraction from driving in their own right. However, more heavy duty actions have been reported with LA's such as dizziness, blurred vision etc.

So for them to expect you to drive is not what I would call a smart move on their part.

But anyway, as Matt says, see what they have to say first.


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I agree that you should call them up and see what they say. Maybe there will be someone closer to you. Recently my boyfriend needed dental work and there was an oral surgeon that came to a local practice here once a week so he was able to schedule for that time. There could be something similar in your area that they can schedule for you. I understand feeling frustrated before calling because we all know how these things go, but I hope it can work out for you as $205 for a consult is expensive and driving that far after an extraction would not be safe.

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