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  1. Animosity

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    I started attending Orange dental for normal dentist appointments. The dentist told me I had 17 cavities and no root canals. he told me the best way to get this done was to do half one time and half the other. I agreed to let him and he started on the right side. He numbed me at 9am. I was in there from 9 until 1:30. He numbed me ONCE and I was in excruciating pain during the procedure and after. This pain lasted a week and I went back. He had to do a bite adjustment with no Novocaine or anything to help with the pain. Then about a half a week later, today I went back for the pain that hadn't stopped yet. He told me he filled something that was supposed to be a root canal and that I had an infection. Do you guys think i have a case to sue my dentist? This has been a very painful experience and I don't think it's right that he messed up and now I have to suffer through the pain he's given me.
  2. total eclipse

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    I do think he made an error in filling that tooth I know that pain and dam i can see why you would want to sue him. I don't know hun i would talk to a legal advicer about it but it was an error in judgement one that should not have happened I do hope you go to a different dentist one that knows what he or she is doing to fix the rest
  3. Wastingecho

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    never been one of those "sue the bastards" type of people, but i agree - talk to an attorney - the dentist should have known better
  4. Mr Stewart

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    Yeah, better ask an attorney. Most will be happy to explain your options over the phone, free of charge. Never hurts to call.
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