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depressed an stressed

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by marche, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. marche

    marche Member

    ive been away from the forums for awhile,hopefully i didnt make people worry,ive fallen deep into depression i cut almost everyone i know out of my life after my ex brokeup with me,my stress that i gained with being alone is high,this is how i know its bad my front teeth are bad now i have to get them removed due to stress(an a minor dental mishap),i cant get a job cause once they see my teeth they think im a drug user with i try to not talk much to people cause i am rather embarrassed even at interviews i try to keep a tight lip when i talk but i guess its noticeable,im not a drug user ,,,but sometimes wish i did since people think i am,i try to bounce back but things get worse everytime,i was dumped with alot of bills an alot of worries,my daughter an little brother keep my spirits half up but my heart is still a bit empty,,my daughters father which whom left me after 13 years does an says things to our daughter,just lies an things,even tho he acts like a prick she still loves him,so i have to clean up any mess he leaves with her..now with the holidays approaching i havent got a dime to get people presents,i much worry about getting my daughter gifts,she's a smart girl an told me she knows i cant get her anything an she doesnt care,but to me thats a dagger in my heart cause i always got her something ,i have considered going to a loan shark cause besides my daughter my younger brother has been the best to me ,he came to live with me an has been helping pay the bills,which theres more things that have been causing my stress to rise with my depression ,i always hear things will get better tomorrow,i once thought that was true,but in my case it doesnt get better it gets worse tomorrow ,,,my depression is just worsening an i still dont see it getting better,,,,,,
  2. ophelia28

    ophelia28 Well-Known Member

    i can't help you with your probs but i can say one thing i've had presents at christmas that were the lastest thing i dont remeber what they were but on rare occasions i've had gifts that cost next to nothing but were pesonal to me they mean the world to me and i still have them sorry if this corny but if your daughter and little bro understand your situatin then what ever you get them they will like.
  3. booeyburgers

    booeyburgers Active Member

    presents are over rated. get you daughter something and no one else. if they ask why, tell them you can't afford it. I'm also grinding more on my teeth than i ever did so i can see where you are coming from.

    Men are pigs, i know it because i am one. I'm not sure where you live but in the USA you can get alot of money from the government just being divorced with a child.
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