Depressed brains may hate differently?

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It seems to make sense, everyone around me now tells me that I always seem angry and I've also been in a lot more arguments in the past few years. It's reassuring that it might not just be because I'm a douche.


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This makes sense. My psychiatrist said that sudden anger is a symptom of depression, and I can get randomly angry from time to time.


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Severe 'stress', including abuse, neglect and severe depressive/ affective states can change the brain chemistry so that the brain does not find a state of rest...this constant excitation creates the environment for lability which is fluctuating emotional states (e.g. crying, anger, etc.), pain, and anxiety...I know this has affected me over time...seems like my brain does not know how to idle...J

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This is really interesting, and definitely makes sense to me. There's an awful lot of emotional states which seem to affect me differently to many of my friends. Thanks for sharing this.



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I think like a lot of those studies, they've got it backward. This isn't really a 100% statement, but sometimes, I think we learn "not to hate." Don't know what to do with the pain of being physically and emotionally wounded by people who are pretending not to hate also. We kind of go through this kind of numb-down, and our brains change as a result. We never learn how to process legitimate rage.
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