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Depressed.. Dont Think Ill Ever Be Happy

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by DaysofGrace, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. DaysofGrace

    DaysofGrace Member

    My Life Has Always Been Filled With Depression. I Just Wanna Be Happy. I See Everyone Else In My School And Just Everywhere And I Wish I Could Have What They Had. Friends That Cared About Them And They Could Talk Too, Someone Who Loved Them, And A Family.. Something Ive Never Had.
    I Kinda Grew Up In A Broken Home My Dad Left My Family When I Was Three And My Sister Left Soon After My Mom Was Left In Debt So She Had To Work 2-3 Jobs Just To Make Sure We Werent Homeless. I Really Didnt Have A ChildHood I Could Never Leave The House And We're I Lived There Were No Other Children Around. Growing Up I Was Always Made Fun Of At School For Being Poor And Being Shy It Made Me Feel Like I Was Never Good Enough I Started Isolating Myself To The Point Were Now I Dont Want To Be Seen Or Go Anywhere I Guess Another Part Of My Depression Comes From Being Ugly I Hate The Way I Look I Hate Everything About Me To Make It Worse When I Was Younger 13-15 I Stopped Caring About Myself At All I Just Wanted To Die
    And i suffred From A Lot OF Acne Its Mostly Gone Now But I Still Have Scars From It And I Hate It I Just Cant See Anyone Ever Being Attracted To Me Let Alone In Love With Me. I Know Im A Good Guy I Just Dont Know How To Act In Front Of People And I Feel Like Everyones Judging Me And Already Think Im Some Pathetic Loser. I Hate Being Ugly I Hate Being Depressed I Hate Being Me. I Just Want The Life I Never Had.. I Want A family And Friends And I Just Wanna Be Happy.
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I know it sounds trite, but give it time hun a lot of things resolve themselves with age(you get a whole new set of problems but a lot of other things become less important).
    When you are depressed you always think you look crap even when you probably don't look any worse than the next guy.
    My latin teacher had awful acne scars his solution was to grow a beard, you couldnt see them at all and the beard looked really good.
    Go see a doc to sort out some treatment for the depression, get your education and then go make the life you want. It does get better..honest :hug:
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