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Depressed? How to Feel Better in 6 Simple Steps!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by gemusan, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    Is it actually possible to LEARN how to feel better? You bet!

    The body-mind-emotion connection is not only scientifically known but also quite apparent when you try out some simple steps. When your body feels uneasy, your mind can improve it. The influence of positive thought in healing is clearly evidenced from many sources. Norman Cousin, in his memoir “Anatomy of an Illness” describes relief from a very painful spine condition in watching comedies. He claims that watching 10 minutes of funny videos allowed him two hours of pain free sleep.

    Are you ready to learn some simple steps?

    1. Become your own best friend. Always, always be on your side, no matter what. Be quick to forgive mistakes and ready with a kind word to yourself. Imagine that you are talking to a vulnerable small child. If your habit is to scold yourself, berate yourself, judge yourself or otherwise put yourself down, watch for these tendencies and replace them with positive, uplifting, and encouraging words.

    2. Don’t look down. Tightrope walkers and mountain climbers subscribe to this motto because they know that the body has a tendency to follow the eyes. In a literal sense, avoid looking down. If you find yourself depressed, raise your head and lift your eyes. Your stomach relaxes, your diaphragm unclench, you take deeper breaths, and your thoughts also follow an upward direction.

    3. Practice gratitude. We often focus on what we don’t have or what is wrong. Each expression of how bad it is, how we lack this and that, increases these burdens. Each negative thought adds to the weight until it is so heavy that we cannot bear it. Make a list in your daily journal of all the things for which you are grateful.

    4. Smile. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, smile anyway. Smile when you talk on the phone or type on the computer. Smiling filters different thoughts into your mind. If you smile long enough, you’ll find yourself smiling at yourself smiling!

    5. Laugh. Read, watch, or listen to something funny at least once a day. Seek others with whom to share humor. The online community is a great source for funny jokes, audio, video clips and the like. Sites like http://www.hopecube.com makes it easy to find friends who are also seeking ways to feel better.

    6. Share. Take steps 1-5, bundle them all up, and share them. Write them in a daily journal. As negative focus increases the weight of the burden, positive expression relieves it. Tell a joke to someone. Give an encouraging word. Share something for which you are grateful. Give or receive some helpful advice. Find others to share with at http://www.hopecube.com. Your example inspires others and rewards you all over again!

    Do something NOW to make contact with friends. There is power in action!
  2. painsource

    painsource Well-Known Member

    Someone posts something that could help out and no one even reads it!Are you sure this is a pro-life forum?
  3. Carfax

    Carfax Member

    I read it! Well ok, I skimmed it... I have some kind of attention deficit disorder, but hey, I PLAN to read it.
  4. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    I skimmed it too.
  5. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I read it :biggrin: I go to top of the class :biggrin:
  6. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    I read it all, thank you for posting, I think at least one of them will help me. Thanks again, these look like helpful tips. :biggrin:
  7. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    1. Become your own best friend.
    not possible

    3. Practice gratitude.
    not possible

    clearly whoever wrote this didnt have acute depression in mind, this might be vaguely helpful to someone who was feeling a bit down.
  8. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    Is it actually possible to spam PROPAGANDA about some site you own? You bet!
  9. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    If I can write 1 article on depression to help every single depressed person in the world, I'd win the Nobel Prize.

    These tips are not "Do it". They're "Try to do it" tips. You don't think you can try to stand on your side when issues arise, or keep a daily journal and write down all the good things you have to be grateful for? No one on earth can practice these things perfectly and even the most optimistic person will have bad days. The important thing is we try.
  10. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    How is this propaganda? Propaganda involves information (doctrines, principles) that's harmful. I do not try to hide the fact that I own the site. Here's a post I made a few days ago:


    The article may not be earth shattering but it did take a lot of time and thought to put it together. You don't think I deserve to add a link to my site?
  11. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    And how are the same warmed over cliches we've all been hearing all our lives anything else but?

    Considering that you've done nothing else at this site than try to drum up traffic for your site, I agree. (Hence my point that you're spamming.)

    What is your history with depression? What medications and/or therapies have you ever taken/undertaken? Have you ever attempted suicide? I'd much rather have you first post about the above as applicable, and then we can hear about your wondrous solutions. Given that this is a support site for those who suffer from various things I don't see how that's unreasonable.

    And if you've never been down these paths, I do think its reasonable to ask what it is you're trying to accomplish here. Though let the board know, by all means. You certainly don't seem to be seeking support. Is that a fair observation?

    Not particularly, no. I certainly have no problem with you putting it in your signature, but you've made four or five posts and have referenced your site in all of them -- except one, in this thread. Seems fishy to me, though I guess to no one else...and now that I've had my say I guess it is up the staff here to do what they will.
  12. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    gemusan,I applaud you for trying to help anyway:smile:even though when one is depressed it's hard to try to focus on such thing's anyway.
  13. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    Based on the above responses, some people did find the information helpful. I apologize if it didn't help you.

    No, spamming would be if I continuously post links to my site without contributing anything useful.

    I have bouts with mild depression from time to time. Contemplated suicide a few times in my teens but eventually worked myself out of it by only practicing the tips I wrote about. I've never experienced the level of depression that many in crisis on this site is experiencing. But then again, psychologists who help people with mental problems do not have to first experience the problem themselves.

    You're right, I'm not seeking support. I'm trying to lend a helping hand.

    This thread is my second. My first thread was posted in "Links & Resources". So I only referred to my site once, and it was in the body of the article. This is an article I wrote for ezinearticles and I just copy and pasted it over.
  14. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    I find the strategies that Psychologist's use are more ideal for a healthy and stable mind and not for someone who is suffering severe depression.
  15. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    The guy isn't trying to belittle anyone's problems, it looks to me like he's only trying to help. Some people need to calm down and look the other way if they don't have anything positive to say.
  16. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    :thanks: Reki
  17. FallingAngel

    FallingAngel Member

    Thanks for posting this. I think it can really help someone who is a little depressed before they get above the line, if you know what I mean. I think there would be many who would benefit from that post, it might help keep them below the stress line if they follow the instructions in this way...unless they are in a crises which would be difficult. Its really nice. I applaud what you have written here. Its great. It will help many here I am sure. Thanks again for posting it!
  18. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Reki you're right full mark's gemusan for trying to help,everyone I know it's tough trying to use such strategie's to cope with feeling depressed but we can only do our best.
  19. Interloper

    Interloper New Member

    I have been depressed. At the end of it, I applied simple rules, and they helped. But having been there, I have to ask whether applying simple rules is a cure, or a symptom of getting better. That is whether someone who is in fit enough state to put a "plan of action" into effect is still heavily depressed.

    The two things that did it for me, however far along the healing process that was, was (i) to give up worrying what other people thought. And (ii) instead of having goals but no idea what would happen if they went wrong, to always be thinking "if not X, then Y, if not Y, then Z" and so on.
  20. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's really deep. Just, wow.
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